5 Best 150cc Scooters – Top Selections From Expert!

Are you ready to make your mobility easy? A scooter could be your new way to get around fast and conveniently, and join millions of other Americans. How about ushering you into 5 best 150cc Scooters for 2019? You heard it right; this is your ultimate guide and review to finding you the perfect 150cc scooter for sale.

Let’s face it folks, it is not going to be easy buying the perfect scooter for your needs. It is even going to be tricky if this is your first time encounter with scooters. There is a lot to choose from, loads of features to compare and contrast, preferences to meet, and most importantly, value for your bucks.

Well, it does not have to be this hard. In this review and buying guide; you will get everything you need to make the right decision. I will make sure the scooter 150cc you decide to settle for is the best for your needs. Let’s get into it, right?

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Nowadays, it is never easy to buy anything. The market is exploding with choices, and it is never easy making the right choices. I know what you are looking for are the best motor scooters for them money. In this piece I will detail for you the top 5 1500cc scooters. By the time you read this to the end, you will have made up your mind. So, embrace yourself for a great read and happy ride in 2019 and beyond.

“#1: Brand new BIG SIZE 150cc Fully Automatic Street Legal Gas Scooter”


This 150cc is the right machine for your money. The GY6 four-cycle engine is a great plus and you will be thankful of what it gives back on those rough terrains. You are also getting CVT transmission and it never gets better and easy than what this scooter is offering. For a first timer, you should not worry about the gears since they are automated.

Yours will be to focus on your journey and enjoy as the feel of cold wind brushes off your jacket. Just in case you thought that is the end of it all that this scooter is offering, you better think again. This scooter is CARB-approved and Californians should be all smiles as it can be shipped to their state. It comes packed in a metal crate and getting it out will not give you any trouble.

Wait until you entirely assemble your machine and that rare smile of satisfaction will cover your face. In terms of quality and price ratio, you are getting more than you bargained for. The fact that this scooter can take up two adults makes it a perfect choice for lovebirds.

It is a perfect machine to go for your first date in the open and you are sure to get another date. Safety is at the core of this machine and you can tell for the first time you get your hands on it.

“Highlighted Specifications:” f

  • CVT transmission
  • GY6 engine
  • Fully automated gears
  • Adult-size body and frame (for two adults)
  • CARB approval
  • Top speed of 55mph
  • ABS brakes at the front

“What we liked :”

  • Feels great to drive this scooter
  • The price is more than generous given the quality and features you have on this scooter
  • The four-cycle engine is a thoughtful inclusion
  • Fully automatic gears makes it easy to drive
  • Your safety is never under any threat

“What we didn’t like :”

  • You will need professional help to assemble
  • It will be quite some work to unpack it

[By all bounds and measures, this scooter is worth every dime you are paying for. The features are great, it feels great driving this scooter, and your safety is cork sure. For pros and beginners, I would not have problem recommending this machine for you. The engine makes sure you will not have much trouble with tricky terrains just in case you decide to go out of town. Tao has done a good job on this and I give them a pat on the back. Get your hands on it, and you will understand what I’m talking about.

“Check Latest Price” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB00J4TW2SQ%2Fref%3Das_li_tl%3Fie%3DUTF8%26tag%3Dtopchooser-20%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D9325%26linkCode%3Das2%26creativeASIN%3DB00J4TW2SQ%26linkId%3Dc7d8be11fcda2170a8a4dc60820f9459

“#2: SmartDeals Brand new 150cc Gas Street Legal Scooter with trunk”


One of the things I know about Tao is that they never disappoint when they aspire to do anything. It is not different for this brand new 150cc top-speed scooter. What you are looking at is one scooter that will definitely turn heads when you pass.

It is the perfect machine for the big boys who want speed and thrill even for the short distances. It is entirely automated and you guess right, handling it will be a walk in the park. To add to its bag of good fortune, it comes with CVT transmission. I’m not exaggerating anything if I say this is one of the best gas scooters for adults.

Plenty of reviews concur with my opinion and you will for sure agree once you add this scooter to your collection. Tao was thoughtful when making this machine since it comes more than 80% assembled. Even if it is your first time with scooters, you will not spend more than an hour getting it all together.

Don’t worry about it, you will get plenty of videos to help put everything to its place and be ready for a test ride. The steering column is burglarproof as it comes with a lock-in mechanism. Leave your scooter locked and no one tries to snatch it from you. Even if they try, you have your back covered. You can use the trunk to keep your valuables safe and no one breaches their integrity.

Moreover, you are also getting some storage space under the seat. It is adequate to take up your helmet and a lock to keep away the bad guys. Once again, California should be all smiles as this scooter is CARB-approved and will ship to your home once you place the order.

“Highlighted Specifications:”

  • Fully automation
  • Column locking mechanism
  • Dimensions: L 73, W 26, H 44
  • CARB approval
  • Weight 300lbs
  • Electric start with keys
  • Kick start for back up
  • Lockable trunk and under seat
  • GY6 Engine
  • Assembling DVD

“What we liked :”

  • Very easy to fix and maintain engine
  • Well built
  • Fits well even for the tall guys
  • Ready for a ride right out of the box
  • Delivery is way ahead of time
  • Great drive
  • You get value for your money
  • Excellent customer support

“What we didn’t like :”

  • Not easy to assemble for a first timer
  • Does not come with a manual. Quite an inconvenience for those who do not prefer videos

I have tried countless scooters and I know how it feels to be on top of a great one. This Gas Street piece is a perfect definition of excellence. The GY6 engine makes it easy to repair and maintain. The features are all focusing on making you safe and comfortable. You do not need to have prior skills to get the best out of this scooter. It is perfectly designed for adults and you will feel comfortable on the seat. With no much of a hassle to put it together, you will be hitting the road sooner than you think. For its power, great design, variety of colors to choose from; I have no regrets recommending this one. Not forgetting the affordable price and the superiority you will be getting.

“Check Latest Price” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB00J4TWCZ4%2Fref%3Das_li_tl%3Fie%3DUTF8%26tag%3Dtopchooser-20%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D9325%26linkCode%3Das2%26creativeASIN%3DB00J4TWCZ4%26linkId%3Def5e8e70c44181b2aa562bfc661a66c2

“#3: Tao Tao Quantum -150 Street Legal Scooter – Fully Automatic” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:left” use_theme_fonts=”yes” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB00OMB3NN4%2Fref%3Das_li_tl%3Fie%3DUTF8%26tag%3Dtopchooser-20%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D9325%26linkCode%3Das2%26creativeASIN%3DB00OMB3NN4%26linkId%3D75c21f2df30b287128506c7f82de803f

Among the cheap street legal scooters, Tao Quantum is dominant player. This 30mph machine is admirable and the red color makes it a thing of beauty. The 150cc engine is not a joke and will take you up and down places you could only imagine.

It is a popular choice with adults because of its sturdy frame and power to take on massive weight. With this kind of power you are getting here, this is more than you paid for. The transmission is automatic so you are going to have it easy with every ride.

The single cylinder comes with four strokes, an inclusion that hardly features in many scooters on this tier. The seat height is 29 inches thus a generous space for an adult to flex limbs. You can ride for a long distance and not complain of being closed up in a box. The wheelbase is 54.13 inches thus you will not be swaying when you hit on those sandy tracts on your outdoor expeditions.

With 260 pounds of weight you will not be having a hell of a day when it breaks down. Wherever you go you will see heads turning thanks to the red body that sends a bold style statement. For the electric start you will need a key to get your journey started. For emergencies or when your battery dies, the kick start will come as a big relief.

“Highlighted Specifications:”

  • Net weight 260 lbs
  • Key system electric start
  • Kick start option for emergencies
  • Dimensions: L 76.80, W 29, H 47.6 inches
  • Full-size body enough for two adults
  • Engine type: GY6
  • Engine specs: single cylinder, 4 stroke
  • CVT transmission
  • Top speed of 30mph

“What we liked :”

  • Very affordable price tag
  • Prime features
  • Can easily take up two adult for a short ride
  • Even when the battery fails, you have the kick start option
  • A full year warranty for technical problems
  • A very beautiful machine
  • It is fast

“What we didn’t like :”

  • If you are looking for a heavy scooter, this one is not yours

For your hard-earned dollars, you would want to spend them wisely. This Tao Quantum 150cc scooter is the right choice. It is built to cruise and give you a feeling of power. Automatic transmission and a great engine both give you an edge over any other scooter in this price range. Besides, the red body has also attracted a lot of praise.

Don’t be surprised if you turn a few necks everywhere you go. Without doubt, you are getting more than you are paying for. In your shoes, this is the scooter I would settle for. Make the decision and you will thank me later.

“Check Latest Price” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB00OMB3NN4%2Fref%3Das_li_tl%3Fie%3DUTF8%26tag%3Dtopchooser-20%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D9325%26linkCode%3Das2%26creativeASIN%3DB00OMB3NN4%26linkId%3D75c21f2df30b287128506c7f82de803f

“#4: Taotao Powermax Scooter 150cc Moped Free Trunk” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:left” use_theme_fonts=”yes” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB0093CI9KE%2Fref%3Das_li_tl%3Fie%3DUTF8%26tag%3Dtopchooser-20%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D9325%26linkCode%3Das2%26creativeASIN%3DB0093CI9KE%26linkId%3D6af138d3e0a5f2a2bec3a6134f9bcbfa

Are you new to scooters and want to start your experience on the right foot? I’m sure you do. Taotao Powermax scooter is your perfect entry machine. Don’t take that to mean that this is a lowball machine; you will be surprised by the options it puts on the table

With a top speed of 55mph you are enjoying the ultimate motorcycling experience only that you did not have to spend an arm and leg. The gauge cluster has seen massive improvement and features a tachometer. It is hassle-free to get the engine rolling since you only need a key for ignition.

When your battery goes down for whatever reason, you have the kick start to keep you going. With a 10hp you will cruise for long distance without experiencing a single problem. This scooter is built to last and if you take good care of it, this is a machine that will be at your service for years.[

“Highlighted Specifications:”

  • Kick/electric start
  • Engine specs: single cylinder, 4 stroke
  • CDI ignition
  • 10 HP
  • Automatic transmission
  • Top speed: 55mph
  • Dimensions: L 73, W 26, H 44 inches
  • Weight: 300 lbs

“What we liked :”

  • Great fuel economy
  • This is a speedy machine. Be ready for a hell of breakneck-speed ride
  • Excellent customer support
  • The price tag is unbelievably affordable

What we didn’t like :”

  • The brakes are not very efficient. Get them replaced as soon as you can

“Check Latest Price” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB0093CI9KE%2Fref%3Das_li_tl%3Fie%3DUTF8%26tag%3Dtopchooser-20%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D9325%26linkCode%3Das2%26creativeASIN%3DB0093CI9KE%26linkId%3D6af138d3e0a5f2a2bec3a6134f9bcbfa

#5: High Power High Speed 150cc Hornet SR 2 Motorcycle Scooter” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:left” use_theme_fonts=”yes” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB01D9DOWWQ%2Fref%3Das_li_tl%3Fie%3DUTF8%26tag%3Dtopchooser-20%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D9325%26linkCode%3Das2%26creativeASIN%3DB01D9DOWWQ%26linkId%3D4f106cdadd5c97286536206ab212e0b1

The first thing I noticed about this 150cc scooter for sale is that it comes almost fully assembled. All you have to do is change the engine oil, fill it up with gas and be on your way from the maiden ride. You are saving yourself hours of unpacking and assembling your scooter.

For people who never want to get tired like me, I’m sure this is a choice you will find easy to make. The wheels of this high power hornet machine have a base upgrade of 13 inches. You are not only getting firm grip on the road but a wide base area that comes in handy when negotiating tricky corners.

This is the kind of bike you need for fast and efficient travel. You will notice that this scooter is incredibly affordable yet it gives you superior specifications and features. In all fairness, this bike punches way above its weight. You are not only getting competitive price, you are also assured of economy at the gas pump.

This bike literally sniffs on gas and you never feel the pinch on your pocket. The transmission is a torque converter with variables to make it easy for you. This is a 4-cycle and high torque engine that gives you the power to overcome any kind of terrain. For those winding and hilly paths you will now have a perfect match for them.

You can count on giving owners of big motorbikes a run for their money. And there is nothing as satisfying as beating the next guy with a less expensive scooter, right? Whether you prefer to kick or electric start your scooter, you have the two options.

Even for a beginner you will find it easy to use this machine. With a grip and twist mechanism for the throttle, it can never get easy with a bike. Forget about clutching as this is a full automatic scooter. Once you set off your journey, it will be a piece of cake easy. You only realize when you arrive at your destination and a smile to show for it.

“Highlighted Specifications:”

  • High power torque
  • 4-cylinder engine
  • Kick/electric start
  • Automatic choke
  • Net weight 350 lbs
  • Dimensions: L 76, W 27.2, H 40.4 inches
  • Max speed of 70mph
  • Forced air-cooling system

“What we liked :”

  • It comes almost fully assembled. You are getting this scooter 95% assembled.
  • Saves you dollars at the pump
  • High power torque
  • Extremely easy operation
  • Great value for your money
  • Comes both with electric and kick start
  • Reliability at its best
  • Cheap parts
  • Easy to fix. You can use your DIY skills to fix almost everything on this bike

“What we didn’t like :”

  • For the extremely tall guys, you may have to look elsewhere
  • Not great at sharp corners. You have to be careful

Right from the beginning, this Hornet SR2 scooter will be an amazing machine. You can forget the hours you spent on traffic jam as you can now zip through tailback and get to your destination within no time. The power and safety considerations that come with this scooter are more than you would expect at this price tier. Of all the cheap street legal scooters, this one here gives you a great bargain for your bucks. The front is stylish and for a 150cc gas scooter, you could never make a better decision. Since it is a limited edition, you should not waste any more time. Go out and buy your piece today. I can assure you this; it is going to be your favorite ride. That’s a guarantee I give you and you can always come here if you find otherwise.

“Check Latest Price” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB01D9DOWWQ%2Fref%3Das_li_tl%3Fie%3DUTF8%26tag%3Dtopchooser-20%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D9325%26linkCode%3Das2%26creativeASIN%3DB01D9DOWWQ%26linkId%3D4f106cdadd5c97286536206ab212e0b1

“Our top choice for 150cc Scooter”

Did I promise to leave no stone unturned until you find a 150cc scooter fit for your needs? Yes I did that from the beginning and I’m making sure I keep all my promises. Out of the 5 best 150cc scooters I know how close the race gets and it is easy to make the wrong decision.

But I’m not going to let that happen. How do I make sure of that? I give you the best 150cc scooter in this list. Well, I had a chance to test all the scooters in this top 5 list and I was mostly impressed by what High Power High Speed 150cc Hornet SR 2 Motorcycle Scooter was offering.

A top speed of 70mph, 10hp and the guts to dare hills are some of the factors that made my choice easy. What you are getting is close to a motorcycle experience only that you are paying way less for it. With upgraded wheels and unbeatable fuel economy, what more can you ask for?

I don’t have a problem if you make any other choice but I had to make sure that I point you into the right direction. Don’t forget, this scooter is not only suitable for adults, but also for a beginner who would love an easy to ride and maintain bike.

“Things you should know before you buy a 150cc Scooter”

More and more Americans are buying scooters. In fact, every year registers a double digit increase in those seeking to buy scooters. It could be that gas prices are pushing most Americans to make this change in preferences.

It could be the mileage is something they cannot resist. For others, it may be that scooters are way better than conventional motorcycles. Look here, scooters are lightweight, you do not struggle to learn to ride and you will be beating traffic jams like a joke.

It may be that there is lots of fun riding a scooter, who knows. One thing I know I can never hold back my smile every time I beat cars on traffic gridlocks. I’m sure many others are swimming in the same boat as me.

Well, there is a plethora of reasons why you would want to buy a scooter. But there are some things common to all; there are considerations you have to make. Let’s get done with them before we review five of the best 150cc scooters.

“1. Insurance”

To get your scooter on public roads, you need an insurance cover. For your heads up, although scooters are broadly categorized as motorcycles, their insurance is done separately. Depending on your experience, your scooter’s age, among other factors; you will spend a few hundred dollars on insurance. If you decide to have a regular passenger, you should get a policy cover for them as well.

Will you be riding your scooter on public roads? You had better get a title then. Every state will ask for it. It is all the same just like buying a new vehicle. You will need odometer reading, valuation form, the state of origin of the manufacturer, and invoice from the dealer. It doesn’t cost you much. If you are wondering where to get started with the title, your county clerk can help you.

Hold on! I know you are saying that you have a driver’s license. Sorry, you need a special one before you can ride your scooter out in public. Different states in US have varying regulations on scooters but I’m sure special license is a common requirement across all of them. You will sit for a written test and pay a small fee for it.

Once you pass the test (don’t worry, it is nothing you can’t crack) you get a 90-day period to hone your skills. Remember, you are not allowed to carry any passenger during this period. Once it is all done, you will get a 4-year license. You are now ready to take on the street and roads without any fear.

“Be ready for routine maintenance”

Don’t sweat over this. Scooters hardly need maintenance but I thought you should know the little care routine you should do. Oil changes should be done not after more than 1,000 miles. Don’t forget to keep the battery healthy. And before I forget, have some gas in the tank before the start of every journey.

“Your protection is non-negotiable”

You will be on public road and you know how crazy it gets some time. You should make sure you are always protected. Wear the right gear and your experience will be pretty exciting. Don’t be like those guys I have seen wearing beach attire while riding at top speed. To get it right, here is what road safety experts recommend for a scooter:

  • Gloves fully covering your fingers and palm
  • Make sure it is DOT approved
  • Thick skin long-sleeve jacket
  • Eye protective glasses
  • Long thick pants
  • High-ankle boots. Don’t go for fashion at the expense of function

“Our top choice for 150cc Scooter”

Did I promise to leave no stone unturned until you find a 150cc scooter fit for your needs? Yes I did that from the beginning and I’m making sure I keep all my promises. Out of the 5 best 150cc scooters I know how close the race gets and it is easy to make the wrong decision. But I’m not going to let that happen. How do I make sure of that? I give you the best 150cc scooter in this list. Well, I had a chance to test all the scooters in this top 5 list and I was mostly impressed by what High Power High Speed 150cc Hornet SR 2 Motorcycle Scooter was offering. A top speed of 70mph, 10hp and the guts to dare hills are some of the factors that made my choice easy.

What you are getting is close to a motorcycle experience only that you are paying way less for it. With upgraded wheels and unbeatable fuel economy, what more can you ask for? I don’t have a problem if you make any other choice but I had to make sure that I point you into the right direction. Don’t forget, this scooter is not only suitable for adults, but also for a beginner who would love an easy to ride and maintain bike.

“Buying Guide for the best 150cc Scooters”

Circling around the city or getting out of town, gas scooters are becoming popular. The riding comfort, convenience and gas economy make them a suitable choice of mobility among many Americans. You can use them for many things right from running errands around the city or getting out of town for bountiful sightseeing. They don’t choose gender or age; anyone can be home with one of these trendy bikes.

About scooters, there are plenty of them. A plethora of brands, varying performances, different colors, features and almost everything comes in a range of choices. For a first time buyer, making the right choice can be hectic and getting it all wrong is the easiest thing you can ever do.

After reviewing for you 5 of the best 150cc scooters, I find it not enough for you to make a great decision. I give you a guide to seal any pitfalls for buying the best scooter for your needs. So, what considerations should you make before buying a scooter?

Yes I know we hardly talk about weight because we always want to be politically correct. However, when buying a scooter you have to think about it. You do not want to buy a bike that cannot support your weight. All the scooters come with maximum weight they can support. You do not want a machine that will break under your weight. And no, I’m not saying that you are fat.

Currently, the market is exploding with options for everything. For a 150cc scooter, you can opt for a new or old one. Each choice comes with various tradeoffs. Don’t even give it a thought, the scooters I reviewed here all come new.

Color and style”

If you have noticed in all the five reviews, each scooter comes in a different style and color. There is red, blue, pink, and many more colors to make your choice from. My free advice is to never buy a color or style that is common with your friends. Go for a unique style and color and yours will be the last bike thieves will dare touch.


You have a lot in your plate and the last thing you need is a scooter needing your attention every now and then. As you make your choice, go for the option with low maintenance. What this means is that you will get lots of mileage with minimal care. You will also spend close to nothing when it comes to taking care of your ride.


There is a common belief among consumers that cheap is expensive. Well, I do not know where this notion came from but I know better. One of my scooter cost me a couple of hundred dollars. I have been using it for two plus years and I have nothing to complain about. As you make your choice, you do not want to break your bank account.

You want a scooter that not only meets your budget but also gives you value of every dime you spend on it. Looking at the five reviews here, you can tell that scooters are very affordable. With your shoestring budget, you will get your perfect match. In any case, don’t try punching beyond your financial muscle because you will be frustrated.

“Resell Value”

I’m not trying to be prophet of doom by anticipating that you will in the future sell your scooter. It is a reality all have to face especially when going for an upgrade. Once we buy things, especially vehicles, we sell them in the future. When that time comes you would want to make more from the resell.

There are number factors that will determine how much you cash in from your old scooter. They are the brand, condition and how long you will have used it. Go for a reputable brand and take good care of your scooter and you will smile to the bank after you sell your scooter.

“Ease of getting repairs and spare parts”

When I said you should settle for a unique scooter I didn’t mean you should go for a model that will give you headache when it comes to repairs and spare parts. If you make the mistake, your pocket will never be at peace. You will spend more to get your bike fixed and buy spare parts. I would recommend that you seek the opinion of your local scooter technician before making a decision you might regret.

“Where you will ride your scooter”

Where do you intent to use your scooter? For the city you do not need much of power on your machine. The roads are done to perfection and you will have no trouble on them. For the hilly and rough terrain, you need a relatively powerful scooter. Be careful not to make a mistake as you may have to literally push your ride up the hill.


Tell you what? It’s very annoying and offensive if you have to buy another scooter one year down the line. It means you never took time to study what you were buying. The best way to find out if a scooter will give you a long service is reading customer reviews. Here you are getting opinion from people who have actually bought and used the product. The rule of the thump when buying anything is to always go over reviews.

“Are 150cc Scooters legal in your state?”

I know this is laughable because you thought you can buy anything you want without worrying about its legality. It turns out there are things you cannot legally buy. In the US, there are states that have not authorized the use of certain caliber of scooters. Take time and research if your state is one of those. You do not want to purchase something that may land you on the wrong side of the law. It’s just a friendly advice, get acquainted with laws that govern the use of electric scooters.

“Safety Tips for your Street Legal Scooter”

We are all in agreement that scooters come with a basket full of benefits. No one can argue with that. They are lightweight, affordable, easy to operate, relatively safe than motorbikes, and plenty more. However, there are drawbacks as well. Prominent among them is that they tend to be an easy target for thieves. Well, losing your scooter is not as inconveniencing as finding your car gone. Nevertheless, you will still feel the pinch. I gave it a thought and now that you have decided to join the club of scooter owners, a few safety tips would go a long way to make yours a great experience.

  • Keep off unsafe neighborhoods when it gets dark
  • Go for a unique choice. Thieves tend to be more interested with common type scooters. Don’t be surprised that your friend chooses a pink bike. It comes with many benefits and one of them is to discourage would-be thieves
  • Secure your scooter with multiple locks. A thief will be a daring kind to break as many locks.
  • A GPS sticker can save your day. And no, the GPS tracker doesn’t have to be there in the first place.
  • When you can, park inside

Zipping through gridlock traffic snarl ups, feeling the thrill of wind on your face, and never struggling to find a parking spot; that is what a scooter does to your travelling plans. Even when the traffic is crazy and getting from one point to the next is near impossible; your scooter will find a way to make it happen. And you have not yet heard the best part; the price tag is close to unbelievable. There is nothing not to like about scooters. Now that you know the best 150cc scooters in market right now, the decision is easy. Make your pick today, and moving around has never been this easy.

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