Best Mountain Bikes under 1000 – Top Models Tested & Reviewed

Having being raised by die-hard cyclist family, I automatically became a cyclist. And that’s where my love for mountain bikes was genetically installed in me. To me, mountain bikes are most important and a must have. But choosing the best mountain bike under 1000 is not always easy.

You need to weigh out several things so that you can pick a quality mountain bike that will serve you well for many years. Don’t just get a mountain bike but instead go for the best option that you can get.

This guide and reviews provide an extensive coverage of some of the most recommendable mountain bike you can get with less than 1000 bucks. Read more to find the right mountain bike with the features that you want.

“Best Mountain Bikes under 1000 Comparison Table”


“10 Top Mountain Bikes under 1000 Reviews” f

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“#1: Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive”

Size :Multi
Color :Dk Green
Dimension :
Model number :OVERDRIVEST
Manufacturer :Diamondback Bicycles


“What we liked :”

  • High-quality disc brakes
  • Has front suspensions for beginners
  • High-quality tires for friction and longevity
  • Good geometry for comfort riding
  • Premium quality tires
  • The bike may be a bit hefty for some
  • Has entry level suspension

Biking is rated as one of the most popular outdoor activity in the US. Statistics indicate that by the year 2017 at least 47.5million Americans were cycling somewhere. ( it is a multi-billion shilling industry with the bikes costing thousands of dollars. But, it is possible to get yourself one of the top mountain bikes, the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive.

What is so special about a steel mountain bike? Actually, a lot. For starters, this special mountain bike is extremely versatile. This means that it is able to give you the ride of your life no matter what the terrain.
For a budget mountain bike, its geometry is a wonder. This is among the top rated mountain as it is made to balance out the functions of riding. The design of the bike allows you maximum control and proper handling of the bike.

When it comes to control, the quality of the brakes will play a big role in ensuring control of the bike. This Diamondback is fitted with high-quality disc-brakes. The brakes help you easily stop whenever necessary. The bike has a front suspension which makes it a favorite for beginners who want to ride mountain bikes. It is, however, a bike for all cycling enthusiasts.

The 29″ wheels with Schwalbe tires reliably provide traction for you as you ride. This further increases your safety on the road.
Among the top 10 mountain bikes, the Diamondback mountain bike is made of a premium 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. This means that the bike is extremely sturdy and durable. It is therefore expected to last a long time and serve you well.

The bikes are versatile because they can be ridden by people of different sizes. The bikes themselves come in five sizes that are XS, S, M. L, XL. This means that you can choose a size that best suits your stature. This means you are able to ride comfortably. Riding the wrong size of bike may cause long term detrimental effects.

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“2: Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike Full Suspension”


Weight :37.5 pounds
Dimensions :66.9 x 23.6 x 35.4 inches
Model number :FR100
Manufacturer :Cyrusher


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“poscon-row ctBorderTop”

“What we liked :

  • Foldable and can fit in small spaces
  • Comes with 24- gear speeds with flat tires
  • Full suspension for maximum shock absorption
  • High-quality tires with maximum grip
  • Comfortable to ride even in rough terrains
  • It takes time to fold the bike

Mountain biking is a great outdoor sports activity. It is interesting as it offers you the opportunity to experience nature. Also, you are able to get the much-needed exercise. But getting the one among the top rated mountain bikes will make the difference between you getting a pleasurable experience and you experiencing terror on your ride. This is where the Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike comes in, to make sure your rides are always fun and enjoyable.

The Cyrusher FR100 is a bike that comes with full suspension. This means that the bumpy terrain will not be a challenge to you. The fork packed suspension come along with comfort shock absorption making the ride smooth and comfortable.

When it comes to safety and control, the bike is fitted with front and rear brakes. You can now easily make a stop even when riding with high speeds, slopes, and even bumpy terrains. The bike has the ability of 24- speeds that are easily maneuverable whether on a smooth road or rocky terrain. Gear changing is smooth and efficient. The disc brakes allow you to smoothly and comfortably stop.

Talking of terrains, bikes’ tires are uniquely flat to enable you to ride on different types of terrains easily. The bike comes with Chaoyang 26″ tires. The tires are of excellent quality and offer maximum grip as you ride.

Best of all, this bike which is among the best mtb under 1000, is compact and easily portable.  First of all, it is made of lightweight Aluminum alloy frame. Secondly, The Cyrusher Mountain Bike is easily adjustable and can be folded.

It comes with a Quick-Release Clamp. The clamp is used to quickly fold the bike. It can thus be stored even in a corner space. You can fit it in the back of your car trunk and take it with you wherever you desire.

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“#3: Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes” link=”

Weight :43 pounds
Department :Mens
Dimension :60 x 8 x 29 inches
Manufacturer :Schwinn
Model number :S2756AZDS


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  • Durable and strong frame to last long
  • Smooth and easy to use gear system
  • Quick release feature for adjustability
  • Dual suspension to absorb shock on rough terrain
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Bolt head stem MTB handlebars
  • Needs assembly before use
  • Does not come with a kickstand

Safety is the most important factor when it comes to any kind of equipment that you will use. That is why Schwinn has designed the Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike with safety at the forefront.

To begin with, the bike is made of a strong aluminum frame, the frame is durable and not susceptible to easily breaking. You can be assured that even when riding on the rough terrain, your bike will not fall apart and cause you injury.

The bike is extremely durable. This is because of the Aluminum make of the frame. This is assured to last a long time. The bike is also made of durable parts from reputable companies including Shimano and Schwinn.

Comfort is assured when riding the Schwinn Protocol 1.0. The bikes’ make is ergonomically designed. This means the bike was designed with the human form in mind to make you as comfortable as possible as you take your leisurely cruise. The bike comes with an adjustable seat and pedals. This means you can adjust them to the position that is most comfortable for you.

When talking about the best entry level mountain bikes, then this Schwinn bike fits the profile. It is a great bike for novices. This is because of the rear triangle and the fork suspension at the front. The dual suspension on the makes shock absorption a breeze. Now you can comfortably ride without having to feel the shock from roots, rocks or bumps as you enjoy nature.

The braking system is also top notch. The brakes are highly responsive making stopping easy and fluid. The bike features Pro Max mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear linear pull brakes that offer maximum control when it comes to braking.

Safety is further assured by using these brakes. The gear system of the bike allows for a smooth transition and does not affect the momentum that you have at the time.

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“#: 4 Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes”



Shipping Weight :50 pounds
Dimensions :
Brakes Type :Powerful Tektro Disc
Model number :
Manufacturer :Gravity Bullseye Monster


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  • The bike has an excellent dual braking system
  • Durable with strong aluminum frame for long use
  • Super wide tires for maximum traction
  • 16-speed bike with SRAM drivetrain components
  • Available in four different colors
  • Requires assembly before use

When you are looking for the best fat bike under 1000, then you need not look any further than the Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes. You may wonder why so. Well, wonder no more. Here is why. This awesome bike is not only appealing in terms of makeup but is also considered among the cheap mountain bike. This means that you get value for money. The bike frame is made up of premium Aluminum. This, in essence, serves to make the bike extremely durable and will serve for long.

The most prominent feature of this affordable mountain bike is its super wide tires. To begin with, the tires are quite broad with a size of 26 x 4.0 they sure give you maximum traction be it hard, or lose ground. This will give you the freedom to comfortably ride in any terrain without the fear of losing grip as you ride.

Also, the wide tires are suitable for riding in loose ground that includes sand and snow. The traction that the wheels provide ensures that you have a good grip. Additionally, the tires have the capability to deflate slightly for best performance on rough terrain.

The bike is an ideal transportation mode for all types of terrain because of the control that the tires offer. Not only that but because of the traction they provide, the bikes are deemed to be the fastest when riding in loose conditions like deep sand, snow, mud, and bogs.

When it comes to braking, you need not worry that the bike will let you down when stopping suddenly. The bike is fitted with dual Tektro Disc brakes. The front and rear brakes provide good control for you to smoothly stop the bike. The bike itself has the capability of 16 speeds which you can smoothly transition in and out of without disrupting the momentum of the bike.

The bike is also available in four different colors. So it is versatile enough to allow you to work with what best suits you.

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#5: Raleigh Bikes Tekoa Mountain Bike”


Weight :35 pounds
Sizing :Multi
Brakes Type :Disc Brakes
Model No :14-17-3021
Manufacturer :Raleigh


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  • Quite affordable
  • Allows one navigate diverse terrains
  • Effective braking system
  • Comfortable riding position
  • A rear carrier is not included

If asked to recommend to our clients one of the best budget mountain bikes in the market currently, we would quickly mention this top quality product from Raleigh Company. The mountain bike is good in visual impression and performance. All the features are standard and they guarantee you commendable service.

Its price might tempt you to think it is just a cheap mountain bike but we assure you that you will enjoy the ride once you acquire this mountain bike for your diverse uses. It will offer you a comfy ride; be it for leisure, recreation, sport or casual riding.  The features to look out for in this mountain bike are well highlighted below to guide you when making the purchase decision.

It is designed to suit you in your cross country riding on a single-track trails. This is made possible by the strength in the various components of the mountain bike. The sizing has been done accordingly to ensure maximum comfort for the users; s=5’33”-5’6”, m=5’6”-5’9”, l=5’9”-6’, xl=6’-6’4”.

The material used is aluminum. It is light in weight but very strong to withstand pressure from bumps. The coil, 29 inch 100mm fork and the frame are all made from this material. In addition, it has the Shimano Altus 24 SPD shifters to allow you control the speed of your mountain bike effectively.

Braking for this mountain bike is 100% safe as the Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes have the ultimate stopping power you need in all weather conditions.  This ensures risks of brake failure related accidents are minimized to almost zero. The rims are very strong and will not bend when you knock against small objects along your cycling path.

You will enjoy the stability brought about by the 29×2.2 inch tires and the comfort of the handlebars. The handlebars allow you adapt the right posture while cycling to eliminate risks of back strain. Its price is only $528.28.

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“#6: Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle”


Shipping Weight :53.2 pounds
Dimensions :9.1 x 61.4 x 29.9 inches
Frame Type:Steel cruiser frame
Model number :R5714AZDS
Manufacturer :Mongoose


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“What we liked :”

  • Well branded through the logo
  • Suitable to navigate beach terrain
  • Flexible when it comes to changing the gears and speeds
  • Easily distinguished from other similar products due to unique design
  • Effective braking system
  • Durable
  • The mountain bike is more suited to male gender

Feedback statistics gathered from our esteemed clients revealed that this product from Mongoose is one of the best fat bikes under 1000$ currently in the market. We recommend this mountain bike to any cyclist who is after a simple yet service oriented mountain bike. Not only is the mountain bike affordable but also allows you to enjoy cycling for various reasons.

It will suit you when cycling for leisure or even casual cycling. The features are all quality making the mountain bike very durable and resistant to adverse environmental conditions as well as external forces such as bumps and knocks. This mountain bike is easily identified from others because it has its own unique design. The experience you get from cycling this bike is equally unique.

The main distinguishing feature of this bike is its fat tire which measures 26” x 4”. These tires are designed in a way that they can allow you navigate the beach with ease due to low pressure given such areas present a challenge to thin tires due to submerging into the ground as a result of high pressure.

Its cruiser frame is made to conquer any terrain due to great strength and stability. The frame is well branded using the Mongoose logo that is well inscribed for easier visibility. You will thus spot this mountain bike easily from others in the market that might appear similar in design.

You are allowed to shift speed and the gears up to 7 times through the Shimano gear shifter that is enhanced by the rear derailleur made from quality material as well. It has 3 piece cranks and beach cruiser pedals that are well finished.

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#7: 2018 Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes” link=”


Weight :20 pounds
Dimensions :20 x 8 x 21 inches
Frame :Aluminum
Crankset :Alloy Triple
Saddle :Comfort

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  • The adjustable suspension adds stability to the bike
  • Durable to last long
  • Well branded along the frame
  • Easy to operate shifters
  • Allow for a comfortable riding position
  • Carrying a luggage is impossible as no rear carrier is included

This is one of the top rated mountain bikes under 1000$ that most people tend to associate with and will prefer for their leisure or casual cycling. The design will boost your confidence when you are using this mountain bike for your preferred purpose.

The suspension aspect is the unique feature of this particular mountain bike adding that fine attractive visual look and classic style. If you fancy artistic designs, this will definitely excites you. Its performance is equally top class allowing you to tour diverse terrains. Every component of this mountain bike is well assembled from the best material to make the entire bike quite durable and performance based.

The frame is made from very strong material which is durable. This makes it possible for the mountain bike to hold and support your weight comfortably. The strength is further enhanced through the suspension that is well linked with the frame. In general, the mountain bike is very stable giving making your ride smooth.

You are provided the liberty to adjust the suspension accordingly to suit your personal needs. The shifters are easy to adjust when cycling in different terrain allowing you to adapt the right speed for the right terrain. These shifters are supported by the quality assembled derailleur at the rear wheel.

Its brake system is effective and works well with the quick release wheels. This ensures you ride at your comfort speed and bring your ride to an end safely with minimal risks of brakes failure. The tires and rims are top quality and will remain in good shape even when exploring bumpy areas. Its is one of the most affordable mountain bikes.

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“#8: Merax Finiss 26” Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike”



Weight :44 pounds
Frame size :19″
Brakes :Mechanical Disc
Model number :MS008201EAA
Handlebar :Aluminum


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  • Quite durable lightweight frame
  • Strong and stable rims made from aluminum
  • Highly flexible gear and speed shifters
  • Suitable for diverse terrains including bumpy surfaces
  • Comfortable handlebars for a better posture while cycling
  • Clear well branding using the logo
  • The top frame might be a bit higher for ladies

Cyclists who are yet to get into the deeper adventure of cycling will find this bike considered by some as an entry level mountain bike fancy and quality to complement their expedition. Most of our clients who have happened to use this mountain bike for diverse reasons majority being recreation have rated this mountain bike highly in their feedback.

It has comprehensive features that makes its performance beyond the average and gives the user a memorable experience. Its unique features are the aluminum frame and the disc brakes added to make the stopping of this bike safer and efficient. Its design makes it suitable even for sportspersons who like cycling as a form of exercise.

The frame has a water bottle holder to enable you carry a hydration agent on your cycling adventure. Its frame is made from aluminum material and is quite light in weight. The make and design of the frame makes its durable and resistant to external forces such as heat in case you are riding under very hot weather conditions.

Stopping the mountain bike is secured and guaranteed through the front and rear mechanic disc brakes. These brakes are effective even when you abruptly bring the mountain bike to a stop. That not-withstanding, the rims are 26” and double walled; making them strong, stable and durable.

You are allowed to shift gears and speeds according to your terrain or landscape orientation for a smooth ride. The mountain bike has a 21 speed shifter derailleurs and gear shifters to allow you shift gears quickly and effectively.  This makes your ride more enjoyable.

Another great feature noticeable in this mountain bike is the suspension fork measuring 80mm to provide you with a smooth ride on bumpy terrains and provide you with better control while rotating. All these features coupled with the fair price of $259.00 make this bike qualify to be considered as one of the best mtb bikes under 1000.

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“#9: Merax Finiss 26“ Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike”


Number of speeds :21
Pedals :Aluminum 9/16″
Frame size :19″
Model number :MS037571JAA
Manufacturer :Merax


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  • Bike is lightweight
  • Amazing advanced aluminum mechanical lock out
  • Has mechanical disc brakes system
  • Comes with a Shimano 21 speed derailleurs and shifters
  • It can be a bit difficult to assemble especially if you are a beginner.

It is has a lightweight which makes the Mexas Finiss 26” very easy when it comes to transporting it. The wheels are made of very light magnesium alloys which will give you an ample and very smooth rides. I love the fact that I can easily lift it and put it at the back of my trunk without any help. Its light weight also is a bonus because it makes the mountain bike very stable whenever the bike is on the move.

It has an amazing advanced aluminum mechanical lock out which will give you the best cycling experience. Gone are the days when the bumps gave headaches because this mountain bike will give you the best smooth bump rides. Plus this mechanical lock out feature will ensure that you have total control over your bike.

The front and rear wheels have mechanical disc brakes system that will give you a safe stopping. Actually what I love about the brake system in this bike is its performance and believe me when I say it won’t let your down. Even in the harshest terrain the Merax Finiss mountain bike will still deliver. Those emergency landing wouldn’t be a bad of an experience as before.

It comes with a Shimano 21 speed derailleurs and shifters which will give racing like experience. So if you love cycling and speed then this mountain bike won’t disappoint you either way. I remember having doubts with the bikes sped performance but after trying it out it my new obsession. The shifters always works very fine and are quite reliable. So shifting this mountain bike is so easy.

The Merax Finniss 26”frame is made of aluminum 6061 which is usually treated with heat making the bike’s frames very durable. This will be a good investment for your money since you will be able to use the mountain bike for a very long time frame. I mean who would want to buy a mountain bike that will wear out easily? Definitely no one. I have been using the merax finniss 26” for the past 1 year almost on a daily basis and actually it appears very new.

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“#10: Mantis Orchid 26 Full Suspension Bicycle”



Weight :37.5 pounds
Dimensions :68 x 41 x 24 inches
Model no :MA2605-1-MT
Color :
Manufacturer :Mantis


  • Has kickstand that makes it easy to park the bike when not in use.
  • Drivetrain feature makes it effective.
  • The mantis orchid 26 wheels consist of aluminum rims.
  • Features front and rear V brakes.
  • It has a 17″ Steel dual suspension frame with steel suspension fork.
  • If the tires are not inflated properly, they won’t grip properly.

The Mantis orchid 26 has kickstand that makes it easy to park the bike when not in use. This feature tend to reduce lots of stress to the user compared to the bike that doesn’t come with this feature. You can easily lock up your bike when you are on your daily errands be it to the mall or grocery store. Actually this kickstand feature helps one to better secure the mountain bike.

The drivetrain feature also makes the mantis orchid 26 very effect and smooth when it comes to its performance. With an astonishing 21 speed combined with Shimano tourney T230 rear derailleur you can be sure to get the best. Plus the twist shifters makes the bike more flexible in case you need to make a sudden U-turn. Trust me, you will never get poor performance with this kind of a mountain bike.

The mantis orchid 26 wheels consist of aluminum rims which makes the mountain bike very stable. One thing I know about mountain bikes is that if there is a good aerodynamic the less energy you will need to operate the bike. Therefore, always ensure the wheels consist of aluminum rims so that there is good friction between the wheels and the road surface.

The front and rear V brakes makes the mountain bike very safe. I mean who would want to cycle a mountain bike that has no dependable brakes. This usually comes in handy especially when you need to make that emergency stop. Plus the v brakes improves the overall performance which is quite an advantage too. It’s therefore a necessity to ensure the brakes for your mountain bike are in very good shape.

The mantis orchid 26 is made of an astonishing 17″ Steel dual suspension frame with steel suspension fork, which makes it very durable. Everyone needs a long-lasting mountain bike which will be able to withstand the harsh terrains especially when you are an outdoor person. The suspension forks also makes the mountain bike very stable and easy to use even on those hilly and rocky terrains.

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“Things to Consider When Buying a Mountain Bike”

Just like any other household item, it’s always very important to list some of the things you need to consider before making any purchase. And just like any household item, mountain bike will also need to have notes to consider and these includes:

It’s always very important to consider the drive terrain feature in a mountain bike before buying it. Especially if you love best and effective performance. Ensure the specified speed fits perfectly for your needs. Always ensure the Shimano tourney rear derailleur match the kind of performance that you would wish for in a mountain bike. Sometimes it’s good to also cross check the twist shifters and see if they work fine or not. Best performance should be your key aim especially if you are a professional cyclist.

It’s very important to always buy a mountain bike that is within your price range. You wouldn’t want to get yourself into debts or overspend your savings just for a mountain bike. Always invest smart and wisely because mountain bikes are not that of a necessary necessity. I love spending but am always very cautious. Always create a budget before buying any mountain bike especially if you are an over spender. Word of advice, just purchase a mountain bike that is within your price range so that you can save yourself from future financial constraints.

“Suspension frame and forks” Always ensure the mountain bike that you are about to purchase has suspension frame and forks that suits your needs. Some mountain bikes are made of different types of frames but if you would love a bike that is long lasting then go for a steel frames. It generally makes the mountain bike very long lasting and is able to withstand even the harshest of terrains. While on the other hand the suspension forks makes the mountain bike very stable even when you are riding past the rocky regions.

“Wheels and rims”

When the mountain bike has wheels with aluminum rims it becomes very stable. Plus the bike should have good aerodynamics so that the user uses less energy when cycling. Thus always ensure the mountain bike has aluminum rims which will ensure that a good friction is created between the mountain bike wheels and the road surface. So yes, the wheels and rims play an important role when it comes to the mountain bike’s stability.

“The front and rear V brakes”

Always ensures that the mountain bike that you are about to purchase has both the front and rear brakes. It makes the mountain bike safe and at the same time increases its performance. Good brakes means safe emergency stops increasing the cycler confidence. If both the front and rear brakes are functioning properly then the bike will have the best outstanding performances.

If you are planning to be cycling your way to the malls then you should definitely consider a mountain with kickstands. It will make your work much easier especially when you need to park it outside the mall. The kickstand also provides better security since you can lock your bike to the rails provided for bike parking. I totally love bikes with this kickstands because well I never know if I will need to park it or not, because you can never tell. Always ensure that your preferred mountain bike is found in stores near you or it’s available in a reliable online stores. Because you would love to have a mountain bike that will never be readily available to you right?  No need of purchasing a mountain bike that has to be shipped yet you can get a better deal that is readily available to you. These tend to reduce your cost and saves you time and money.

“Frequently Questions and Answers”

“Q: Does these mountain bikes come fully assembled and ready to use or I have to assemble the whole bike myself?”

Ans: These mountain bikes comes with nearly 85% assembled but not fully, therefore, you will need to assemble the pedals, front wheel and handle bars. It’s thus important to always ensure that you assemble the right pedal to the right side and vice versa since they tend to vary.

“Q. Is the mountain bike good to go after assembling the missing parts?”

Ans: No. the tires should be air filled because they normally come without fully inflated air. Plus you need to be exerting pressure for the tires for the next few weeks after purchasing these mountain bikes with constant counter checking the pressure.

“Q. What causes the front tires to bend after assembling the mountain bike?”

Ans: In most cases, the main cause of front tires bending is as a result of the front tires being wrongly assembled. And the bending of the front tires can create problems with your braking system.

“Q. Does these mountain bikes come with adjustable saddle?”

Ans: Yes, these mountain bikes comes with adjustable saddle which makes it perfect for distance cycling. It can also be adjusted to fit your height if you are a bit tall.

“Final Words”

We have compiled our reviews for the best mountain bikes under $1000. And we believe this article will be of great benefit to you and will be able to help you out when selecting the best mountain bike.  Always ensure that you are able to tell a good product and a bad product too.

Whether you are a professional cyclist or you just an outdoor personal and love cycling having the right kind of a mountain bike will be of great importance to you. Not only will you love its outstanding performance, but you will be able to use much less energy.

So feel free to choose from our range of mountain bikes which will definitely depend on your needs. Plus the two above mentioned mountain bikes are always very readily available in stores near you and online shops. Make smart choices and enjoy your cycling.

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