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Best Recliners for Back Pain in 2019 – Guide and Reviews

It has become common to suffer from back pain at one point of our lives from the daily activities we undertake. During working hours, we sit, stand walk and all these activities strain our back muscles resulting in pain.This is why we have the best recliners for back pain to ease such conditions.

There are many remedies that have been made available for us to use for easing back pain. Most of them are not enjoyable and include taking medication and massage sessions which are expensive. Enjoy relieving back pain in style and comfort using recliners specially designed for that purpose. They can be used by people of all ages for pain relief and comfort.

Recliners come in many types and styles but they all have the same purpose to get rid of back pain. To help you choose the best recliner for soothing your back pain, we have put together this review and guide to assist you. With this guide and review, we have done our best to explain the benefits and some drawbacks of the best recliners.

This list of the best recliners on the market will help you narrow down your opinion and choose the best that fits your needs.

Best Recliners for Back Pain Comparison Table

1. Dutailier Sleigh Glider - Multiposition, Recline, and Ottoman Combo Dark Grey31 x 43 x 26 inchesCheck Price
2. Dutailier Sleigh Glide - Mulitiposition, Recline and Ottoman Combo31 x 27x 42.5 inchesCheck Price
3. Pulaski Harmony Swivel Glider, Carlton Desert32 x 34.5 x 40 inchesCheck Price
4. Delta Children Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair34.5 x 35.75 x 40.25 inchesCheck Price
5. Babyletto Tuba Extra Wide Swivel Glider39.8 x 35 x 38 inchesCheck Price
6. Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider29.8 x 29.8 x 33.5 inchesCheck Price
7. Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set24.8 x 25.8 x 39.5 inchesCheck Price
8. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner37 x 30 x 41.8 inchesCheck Price
9. DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner30.7 x 33.5 x 38.5 inchesCheck Price
10. DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider33.5 x 28.5 x 39.8 inchesCheck Price

Watch the video to see all in a minute

Who needs a Recliner for Back Pain/ Why?

Recliners are designed in a way that helps ensure your back is stretched and in a position that doesn’t allow pain or more damage to the back muscles. They are important and help to relieve tension, pressure, and pain. They relax both the lower and upper part of your back muscles. Some are specially designed to provide a heated massage for extra comfort and pain releasement.

Anyone can use recliners for soothing back pain and releasing tension. All people of all ages can use it. It is so comfortable and safe that even children can use it without worry. People with back problems use recliners to reduce their back pain. Healthy people without back pain can also use it to just release body tension and relax their muscles for comfort.

Chair Dimension:48 x 31 x 46 Inches
Net Weight:200 pounds
Rated Voltage:110-120V
Model number :LM6800
Manufacturer:Kahuna Massage Chair

What we liked :

  • It is very effective for back pain relief.
  • Has a great zero function gravity
  • Made of comfortable foot rollers
  • Very affordable but mostly features the rich

What we didn't like :

  • Available in only one color

We encounter different types of pains during our day to day activities such as back pain and fatigue. Hence there is no need for the appointment with masseur on a daily basis because this chair is designed to relief all of this. Kahuna recliner chair is designed in a way that it can be used by everyone. This seat offers therapeutic heat and soothing massage hence you can use it for leisure or for people with chronic back pain.

Kahuna massage chair recliner is a seat that is designed to offer a variety of treatments to your is designed in a way that it reclines and has zero gravity hence providing the best massaging also has the ability to scan your body hence offering complete massage relaxation. This chair is amazing in that it eliminates all guesswork allowing your body to relax because of the full massage it offers. It is also very effective to use because it fits in different places without hassles.

With its zero gravity position design, it helps your body rest easily and also relax comfortably. This position also offers your heart an amazingly easy time helping it beat normally and without struggles, and because of this it allows efficient blood flow and allows you to curb all the fatigue after a long day of working and also works very well for other muscle complication that you may be having.

This Kahuna massage chair is designed in a way that it can easily scan and also helps in detecting the spinal discs pressure by use of computers hence allowing for high tech body scanning by also eliminating all guesswork. Depending on the condition your body is at whether tired or using the chair for leisure it helps in offering customized message. It is also made of a heat therapy that helps ton your lower body as well as fatigue and also the aches that you are experiencing and muscle fatigue.

This is the best chair in the selling list because it helps in massaging your shoulder, lower back, and also has an amazing on the upper part of the body that is the shoulders. A combination of heat therapy on the lower part of your back and massage and feet helps in faster relief of the pain, also it has an air massage on the arms which helps in offering an excellent massage hence relieving the back pains in an amazing way.

Weight :200 pounds
Ideal Massage:Ideal Massage
Dimension :33 x 55 x 49 inches
KNEADING :Reduces muscle pain and helps work out knots
Color :Black

What we liked :

  • It has all the features you could be looking for in a massage room.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Space saving
  • It has inbuilt heat therapy
  • Effective for full body massage

What we didn't like :

  • Does not come in different colors

This chair is designed in such a way that it has a top rated massage in that you get a full head to tie uninterrupted massage for thirty minutes. You have to choose the best time that fits you for your massage session for a fully body relaxation massage. This Ideal Massage Shiatsu chair has a four-wheel driven muted massage hands that offer a quiet operation hence your massage session is not interrupted with by lots of noise.

It has four great auto programs to choose from and hence with only one single touch, you can fully enjoy your great massage. These four massage functions include shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling and vibrating. It is very efficient and effective in that it is automatic hence giving you multifunctional massages which come with different massaging methods that are combined. It also has a Manuel mode that lets you helps you in taking control and adjusting the back rollers at any point of your body hence a full control to adjust to any type of massage intensity, speed, and the airbags too.

This chair has an added advantage in that it comes with an in-built heat therapy in the back of it which helps excellently in relaxing your muscles and enjoying your full massage sessions. This excellent chair also comes with therapeutic airbags that are built in different places of the chair that is the shoulders, arms, foot calves and also the seating area.

You need not worry about how tired you are after your day to day activities because this chair is specially made in that the feet are equipped with stimulating kneading balls that are six in number which is put in the soles of your feet hence enhancing stronger and deeper massage to those areas that get tired on a daily basis. The airbags massages are also two in number so you can make a choice of which to choose from.

Weight :95 pounds
Color :Black
Dimension :42 x 31.5 x 46 inches
Zero Gravity Button :One Touch
Date First Available :June 29, 2015

What we liked :

  • It is durable
  • Has a headrest and footrest that work independently.
  • It is easy to put together
  • It occupies less space

What we didn't like :

  • It is uncomfortable if not working

The Cozzia Dual Power ZG Zero Gravity Recliner is designed in a way that it has a possession of both form and function which has not been seen before in a zero gravity chair. The zero gravity design in this chair allows your body to stay in a neutral posture hence your spine is able to amazingly relax and decompress. This chair is made in a way that it is a sense of fashion to any room of your body. The zero gravity design helps your heart and lungs in operating efficiently allowing your blood to circulate effectively and also increase your lung capacity.

You need not worry about your head and feet because it is designed in a way that the headrest and footrest can work amazingly on you independently. This makes it one of the best-selling chairs that work a full massage on your body allowing for an excellent relaxation. it also offers a soothing vibration massage and heat therapy allowing for your full body relaxation massage this is made easy by the two because they are designed to help you with that.

This Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner is made in a way that it gives you a long lifespan enjoying its work because it is made using solid beech wood base and high grade bonded leather allowing for the longest is also made in a way that you comfortably fit and enjoy your massage sessions.  It also has a detached pillow which is the favorite part about this experience because it provides enough support to the is also very sturdy and crafted in high-quality materials which helps it to easily recline back to its zero gravity. This Cozzia recliner loves to leave contented and fully feeling comfortable.

Weight :300 pounds
Color :Black
Dimension :55 x 42 x 35 inches
Model number :BM-EC06
Heat therapy system :Back and Foot

What we liked :

  • It is flexible
  • A head and neck pain reliever.
  • It increases the mobility of the legs
  • Acts as a stress reliever
  • Fully automatic

What we didn't like :

  • It has uncontrollable heat

This recliner is made in a way that you can choose from a variety of different modes selecting the various varying levels of comfort and enough also has a control panel that you can easily choose for yourself whatever intensity level of massage you desire because it is very straightforward and also very easy to use.

It has an added advantage in that it is made in a way that it can reach for all areas that all other massage seats do not reach by utilizing both massage and heating technology. These areas are the pressure points in your neck and the tailbone area of your lower back.

This recliner chair is also built in a way that it has inbuilt features for your legs thus helping to improve your muscles in relaxing easily and also helps in blood circulation in your very lower parts as well. This is the best chair choice if you want a recliner that has multiple high-end features, which are efficiently priced hence helping you in relieving pain, tension and also stiffness in most parts of your body that is your back, neck, and legs too.

When choosing this recliner it is very important to note down all the advantages it comes with because if you have a disc or bone injury its best you choose this recliner because it helps you in lifting your leg higher than your hips   this is a good idea if you are suffering from herniated is designed in a way that it helps increase flexibility, mobility, and posture for your legs hence giving you enough comfortability during your massage sessions or healing your back pain problems.

This recliner chair is made in a way that it has a contour that shapes your back and hence this is an added feature when it comes to neck massage. Massage for your heads comes in a different manner because they are designed in a way that it helps relieve the stress on your is flexible because it is equivalent to more than thirty airbags that are built in heat intelligent roller system to help in the recovery program, extend the program and relax program.

Weight :217 pounds
Color :Black
Voltage :AC 120V 60Hz
Assembly Process :Easy
Power :20-230 Watts

What we liked :

  • It is easy to assemble
  • It offers full body massage
  • It has zero gravity hence giving you professional massage
  • It is easy to clean
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • It has rollers that help to massage your neck

What we didn't like :

  • It is not as comfortable as a regular chair

This Real Relax Massage Recliner is designed that it has an exclusive armrest that is designed for your hands to rest and hence it’s more comfortable during your healing and massage sessions. This arm clip has airbag extrusion massage that helps you in an extrusion massage. It is also surrounded evenly by zero gravity across the whole chair enabling you to excellent massage experience thus contented with every bit of the massage.

Full Body Massage Shiatsu Chair comes with eight different rollers that are fixed inside the backrest and the foot roller. It also has fifty airbags that are fixed in different parts of the chair that is the shoulder, arms, seat, and legs which allows for enough compression in your body. It is also very easy to assemble because it has a user manual that guides you on how it should be a video assembled and it also has an installation video hence taking you less than thirty minutes to assemble it.

Having an aching body is the most discouraging thing you will ever experience as a person because lots of comfortability is lost in the process and hence by the use of this chair this is made easier because it helps in full relaxation of the body. Nowadays toning your back or neck pain is made easy by this chair. Because they are the most experienced types of pain.

When you think about getting yourself a recliner chair then this is the best that you can purchase for you and your family. Because having this by your side there is no doubt that your back pains and neck pains are well dealt with. With this recliner chair, there is no doubt you have perfect back pain is also constructed in a way that it has a combination treating your body in different ways. Hence toning your back against muscle stress, fatigue, and tension.

Looking at its functions the main benefits are well outlined hence there is no doubt when purchasing this chair. The main benefits are that it helps in relieving your pain, back and stress .it also helps in improving your whole body relaxation because of its zero reclining gravity function.

Weight :50 pounds
Color :Black
Dimension :46 x 29.2 x 42 inches
Model number :BT-7672-MASSAGE-BK-GG
Date First Available :July 26, 2005

What we liked :

  • Allows heat massage
  • Has several massage modes
  • Tough leather material
  • It is durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Appealing to the eye
  • Fairly priced

What we didn't like :

  • The headrest doesn’t support very tall people since it is short

Are you looking to spend some quality time relaxing and having some massage? Do you have some back pain issues and you are looking to have relieved? The good news is that this amazing Flash Furniture Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base has you covered.

This classic recliner has a tough and state of the art leather material that ensures durability. The color of the leather is also important as it has an aesthetic look that is appealing to the eye. The material is also soft on the skin which makes sure that you enjoy every minute spent in the recliner is most relaxing. The recliner has a swivel feature which allows you to move round in any direction that you want depending on the comfort state you desire.

This recliner is designed to provide comfort and relaxation to multiple parts of your body including; your back, thighs, legs and lumbar area. To make sure that you totally enjoy the massage this recliner has to offer, it is designed with modes of massage up to 9. You just need to tune the chair to the mode that gives you the best massage. Another great feature is that the different modes have been enhanced with intensity levels for increased pleasure and comfort.

Enjoy the ease of control with this recliner seat with the push of a button. You don’t have to move a muscle while using this amazing recliner. The chair has a heat massage feature included if you feel like. You just have to use the remote and set the heat level that you need to enhance your massage session. This heat massage relaxes your back muscles and increases blood flow which improves comfort.

This flash furniture recliner has been designed to provide endless options of comfort and pain relief. It has been fitted with a headrest and padded armrests to ensure your hands are not dangling as you relax. The headrest supports your head which prevents your neck from cramping up as you relax. It is soft to ensure your head does not lay on a hard surface which can feel uncomfortable.

Weight :92.61lbs
Color :Black
Dimension :33.1×35.8×43.2 inches
Plug :American Standard
Date First Available :January 12, 2017

What we liked :

  • Has a rocking function
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • Has a remote hence easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of PU leather cover
  • Easy to wash

What we didn't like :

  • Legs can get stuck on the legs rest area

Are you looking to spend some quality time relaxing and having some massage? Do you have some back pain issues and you are looking to have relieved? The good news is that this amazing Flash Furniture Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base has you covered.

This chair is specially made in a way that it has lots of great features that leave your body feeling fully relaxed and fully restored too thus minimizing your trips to the salon and hence saving you lots of money.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair is designed in a way that with its reclining ability and the feet rest area being raised helps in enjoying the zero gravity position fully without worry. It is also very effective for eliminating back pain and any other discomforts you are experiencing in your body. This chair has also many added purposes that’s why it is effective for use by is also very convenient for people with chronic back pain. The massage and heat therapy are very convenient for toning the achy muscles of your body. It is also very convenient for pleasuring your body. The reclining mechanism is perfect for back sufferers and healthy people too.

This is one of the best chairs that work very effectively for back complications. Its unique design and many features enable your body to have enough comfort and support. It also reclines in such a way that it helps in improving your blood circulation and releases the tension in your body. The thick padding massage leaves your body well relaxed because it is made in a way that it supports your whole body .you need not worry about enjoying your cold drink or reading your favorite book because it is specially made two cup holders and four storage bags to hold your drinks and magazines too.

It is made of PU leather which is easy to wash and also is suitable for intensive use it comes with a thick sponge for your arms and back to rest with also has a remote controller adjustable in any way that you want to stay.

Weight :38 pounds
Color :Black
Dimension :39 x 27.2 x 37.5 inches
Model number :BT-7862-BK-GG
Date First Available :July 26, 2005

What we liked :

  • The chair turns and swivels with no sound
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is very attractive
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is light in weight
  • It does not wobble

What we didn't like :

  • It does not have a swivel lock.

Everyone’s desire is creating a beautiful room for you and your family members but equipping your home with one of the recliner chair is the best decision one can make. To improve your back health Flash Furniture is the best reclining chair you can opt to buy in the market.  This chair is worth investing for because it has a combination of elegance and an amazing way to work out your back pain relief. It has an added advantage because it swivels around and hence making movement easier for people with back problems.

Well, the mechanism that comes with this chair is different from the powered recliners this chair is different from the powered recliners. Instead, this chair has knobs that you rotate around thus giving your body superb relaxation according to how you adjust the knob recliner itself. The main benefit that can easily be achieved by use of this flash furniture is good back support. It is also very effective because you can use it and a family member can also use it.

It has excellent fabric that covers and hence its beauty is eye catching making it the right pick whether you are using it for upper or lower back support. The purpose of this chair is that it’s different from ordinary ones. In fact, apart from the chair being comfortable being cozy, it gives the body perfect massage. The fitted massage rollers are superb for soothing the body from shoulders, lower back, and thighs. Besides, with rollers having varying intensities, they work on each spine for complete relief. Besides the massage rollers, the chair boasts advanced air cells massage technology. The airbags inflate separately hence causing the body to enjoy great decongestion and muscles relief.

This Flash Furniture Black Leather Recliner also comes with a feet rest that helps you stretch comfort ability allowing you to enjoy your massage and healing session .this feet rest is movable and hence you need not worry about your height because it is well catered for.

Weight :  58 pounds
Color :  Dark Grey
Dimension :  31 x 27 x 42.5 inches
Model number :  C20-81C-60-3128
Material Type :  Wood Frame

What we liked :

  • Has floor glides for easy movement
  • It is durable
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable headrest
  • Made from a strong material that is appealing to the eye

What we didn't like :

  • It doesn’t function properly if not well assembled

One of the main reasons that cause back pain is the discomfort in the back muscles the nerve endings are affected by the pressure that results in sharp pains around the back muscles. The pains may result in the limbs becoming numb. Recliners are recommended by doctors for people with back pain problems. They are important for your well-being because they help relieve back pain.

Recliners lessen pain and discomfort caused by straining the back muscles. They relieve the pressure exerted on the nerves to relax the back muscles and the spine.

Recliners are very helpful in our day to day activities because they help us in relieving the pressure on your back. They act in ways that help your back muscles and spine to relax and thus reducing the pain in your back. Different type of recliners is designed to help relieve different types of backaches. The recliners help in relieving back pain that is caused by compressed nerves and broken bones. Designed with arms that are upholstered, this is an important feature since it keeps your hands comfortable and reduces chances of numbness as you relax.

This amazing recliner has a firm wood base that ensures you do not fall off as you recline on the chair. This is a great feature because it keeps you in a single position you choose to enjoy the massage provided by the recliner. With an integrated head rest, this recliner ensures that your head rests safely in a position that doesn’t allow your neck to cramp up. Placing your neck in a single position for a long time can cause numbness but this headrest helps you keep your neck in different positions keeping you comfortable.

You can easily operate this recliner without much of a hustle. This is because a lever has been strategically positioned under the right arm which makes it easy for you to recline the chair into any position you feel offers you great comfort. The recliner has a classic feature that allows you to move it easily from place to place. It is fitted with floor glides that slide easily on the floor when you need to move the chair. The weight of the recliner is not even felt as you move it. Designed with a swivel movement, this chair offers great comfort as you move from one position to another with ease.

Item Weight :54 pounds
Color :Black
Dimension :40 x 32.8 x 41 inches
Back Size :24.5 W Inch x 28 H Inch
Date First Available :July 26, 2005

What we liked :

  • Allows different recline positions
  • Detachable footrest
  • Strong frame
  • Made from durable material
  • Easy to clean

What we didn't like :

  • It is hard for very short people to get on the recliner with ease

After spending ample time using a recliner you will definitely love the comfort of a reclining chair. They are ideal when you want to relax and enjoy your massage with great comfort and pleasure. This reclining is designed in a way that has a wrapping effect on you which holds you when you sit on them to relax. This recliner chair has all the advantages that come with comfort and relieve back pain.

A detachable footrest is an additional advantage that this recliner comes with. This is important since it ensures your legs do not hang on the ground which may cause discomfort. Dangling feet may result in numbness and soreness which is not healthy for you. This footrest also ensures that your feet have good blood flow which keeps them strong and comfortable. It has a soft material that ensures your feet rest well and do not experience any discomfort on a hard surface.

To ensure that your comfort is unmatched, this recliner has an amazing feature of a control lever. Everyone has their own position and angle of comfort and this chair has made sure that you get to enjoy your own. It is fitted with a lever that makes it easy to position the chair in any recliner position that you enjoy best. The lever has been fixed in a strategic position that allows you to use it with much comfort and ease.

The base of the recliner chair has a strong wood base that makes the chair durable. You do not have to worry about having to replace the chair after several massage sessions. Below the base, the recliner has been designed with floor glides that make it easy to move the chair if need be. With these glides, you do not need to lift the chair but just slide it to where you need it to be.

How to Pick a Recliners for Back Pain

Are you interested in relieving your back pain and enjoy comfort at the same time? It is important that you put the following considerations to thought before purchasing a recliner for back pain.


When you finally decide to purchase a recliner for back pain, the price of the chair is a major factor that you should not take lightly. You should get a recliner that has been made from good quality and is designed from durable material. However, to avoid being in debt or purchasing a recliner that is above your capability, it would be good to choose one that best fits your budget.

Choosing one that is within your range is important since you will not strain when making the purchase. It also helps you not compromise other needs over the recliner.


Back pain is not in any way fun to bear and it makes one very uncomfortable. Certain sitting positions are the cause of back pain and if you already feel the back pain, then these positions can make it worse. You need to choose a recliner that encourages a good posture for your back to ease pain instead of adding to it.

The spine has a natural curve that should be maintained to avoid back pain. Some recliners have a design that has you slouching which is bad for the spine resulting to back pain. Choose a recliner that allows your spine to have a good posture that is able to support your weight without causing any damage or harm to your back.

Recline angle

Most recliners are designed to work easily with the push of a button. You can relax on the recliner and if you want to change the angle of your comfort, you just have to push a button to the position you want. As much as this is easy, you need to consider the angle that you are relaxing at.

Being in a reclined position helps to reduce the pressure around the spine which in turn reduces back pain. Certain reclined angles, however, may lead to pressure on your back leading to more harm than good on your back. As much as recline angles have been set for you, choose a recliner that doesn’t include an incline which may be harmful to your back.

Quality of the Recliner

The whole purpose of a recliner is relieving back pain and offering comfort to the user. You will not enjoy this comfort if the recliner you have is made from the low-quality material. Some material is prone to sweat and is not easy to clean when need be.

Purchasing a product such as this takes time and quite some consideration is made. You do not want to purchase one that is of poor quality and doesn’t last. You need to choose a recliner that is made from durable material that doesn’t just guarantee comfort but allows you to use it for a long time without worry.

Choose a recliner that will let you use it for long without having any thought of replacing it any time soon.

Other Considerations

  • Does it have a footstool?
  • Does it have a warranty?
  • Is there a coffee holder?
  • Is there a headrest?

Final verdict

If you are suffering from any bone injury, it is recommended that you should get a recliner that allows a high recline position to lift your legs high. This helps in easing pressure around your bones giving you a better and faster way to recover. If you have nerve problems, a recliner that allows lower back strong support is ideal for you. For general muscle numbness or soreness, a recliner with maximum comfort will be best for you to relieve all the tension in your muscles and any pain your body may have.

There are multiple choices of recliners in the market today that you can consider but choosing the best one is not that easy. They have features that are great and will impress you. Use this guide and review to choose your best.

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