How To Cut Corrugated Pipe – You Need To Know

A corrugated pipe is a plastic pipe used to convey water, oil, gas, or other liquids and fluids. It is made up of several interconnected tubes that are corrugated to form ridges on the inside.

This allows the liquid to flow easily through the pipe without being slowed down by surface area. Corrugated pipe often uses in applications where a high degree of flexibility or durability needs, like in the construction and agricultural industries.

It’s also popular among homebuilders because it’s easy to install and use – no special skills are required. Do you have a lot of corrugated pipe lying around? You might wonder how to cut it to the desired lengths.

It provides helpful tips for doing just that – from using a saw to straightening the pipe. By knowing how to cut Corrugated pipes in simple steps, you can quickly and easily get your corrugated pipe cut to the desired length.

How To Cut Corrugated Pipe

What Is A Corrugated Pipe?

What Is A Corrugated Pipe

A corrugated pipe makes out of multiple sheets of corrugated metal that stack one on top of the other. This creates a strong and durable pipe that can handle much pressure. Corrugated pipes use in various industries, most notably the construction industry. They often use to transport water, gas, or oil products between different parts of a building or pipeline.

They also commonly use in the agricultural industry to move crops and fertilizers between fields. If you’re looking for an easy way to cut corrugated pipe, then it’s best to use a standard tube cutter.

However, if you want to ensure that your cuts are as accurate as possible, it’s worth investing in a more specialized cutter like an articulated arm machine or laser cutter.

Types Of Corrugated Pipe

Types Of Corrugated Pipe

There are a few different types of corrugated pipe, each with advantages and disadvantages. The most common type of corrugated pipe is the flat-wound pipe. It’s made of lightweight metal that’s easily bendable and can shape into any desired shape.

This type of pipe is perfect for short-distance applications where flexibility and ease of installation are important factors. Another popular type of corrugated pipe is the ductile iron pipe. It’s made of heavy metal that’s more rigid than the flat-wound pipe, but it still has some flexibility. This makes it better suited for long-distance applications where durability and reliability are critical.

The final type of corrugated pipe is galvanized steel pipe. It’s a hybrid of the two other types, featuring some flexibility and durability. Its advantage lies in its ability to resist corrosion, making it ideal for areas subject to high moisture or salt exposure.

7 Ways To Cut Corrugated Pipe

7 Simple Ways To Cut Corrugated Pipe

A corrugated pipe is a tube that transports water, oil, or other fluids. It makes up of several thin sheets of metal stacked on top of one another and then riveted together. This creates an intricate pattern on the surface of the pipe, which helps it to resist wear and tear. Cutting corrugated pipe can be tricky if you’re looking for an easy and accurate way to cut corrugated pipe.

Cutting corrugated pipe is an important step in many construction and landscaping projects. It’s often used for drainage and for running electrical cables or gas lines. Corrugated pipe is easy to cut with the proper tools and techniques.

And doing so can reduce unnecessary waste and save you time and money. With the right tools, cutting corrugated pipe is a simple task that most people can do with the right instruction. Here are 7 simple ways to cut corrugated pipe.

1. Use A Pipe Cutter

Use A Pipe Cutter

If you’re looking to cut corrugated pipe, you’ll need to use a pipe cutter. This is a machine that uses blades to cut through the corrugated pipe. There are a few different types of pipe cutters available on the market, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The most common type is the manual pipe cutter, which requires you to operate it manually. Though this is relatively easy, there are more efficient ways to cut corrugated pipes than this. The electric pipe cutter is much more efficient than the manual cutter, using blades that run continuously without stopping.

This means it can quickly and easily cut through all the corrugated material in a single go. However, electric cutters are more expensive than manual cutters and require more attention from you to be effective. Ultimately, whichever type of cutter you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, whichever one you choose, make sure to use it properly to achieve optimal results.

2. Use A Hack Saw

Use A Hack Saw

It would help if you cut corrugated pipe; the best way to do it is with a hack saw. Hack saws specifically design for cutting corrugated pipe and have several advantages over other types. For one, hack saws are much faster than other types of saws. They can quickly cut through the corrugated pipe without any hassle. They’re versatile and can use for various tasks, including cutting PVC pipe and electrical cable.

Another advantage of using a hack saw is that it’s less likely to damage the underlying structure or fabric. This is because hack saws have adjustable blades that precisely handle different materials. Finally, hacksaws are also relatively affordable and easy to operate – so you’ll be able to get the job done quickly and without any trouble.

3. Cutting Corrugated Pipe With A Power Shear

Keep Your Hands And Arms Well.

Cutting corrugated pipes can be a challenging task, especially considering their tough exterior and complex structure. However, with the right tools and techniques, this task can be significantly easier. One such tool that has become increasingly popular for cutting corrugated pipes is power shear.

These shears are designed to cut through even the toughest materials with ease, making them a great choice for cutting corrugated pipes. When using a power shear to cut corrugated pipes, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is important to select the right blade for the job.

Blades that are designed specifically for cutting through corrugated materials will provide the best results. It is also important to ensure that the blade is properly aligned and sharpened before use.

Once the blade is in place, the power shear can be used to make precise cuts through the corrugated pipe. The process is relatively simple, but it is important to use caution and follow proper safety procedures.

4. Cut The Corrugated Pipe With An Angle Grinder

Cut The Corrugated Pipe With An Angle Grinder.

First, remove the guard and safety gloves to cut the corrugated pipe with an angle grinder. You’ll need to secure the pipe in a vice or clamp, so it’s stable. Ensure aligning the cutting wheel properly and focusing before starting the job.

Begin by cutting off the end of the pipe you want to cut, then slowly rotate the cutting wheel around the circumference of the pipe. Be careful not to go too fast or damage the pipe. When you reach the end of the circumference, stop rotating and make a straight cut into the pipe. Remember that it’s important to hold onto the pipe’s edges while cutting to prevent it from getting away from you.

5. Use A Gas Pipe Cutter

Use A Gas Pipe Cutter.

If you’re looking to cut corrugated pipe, you’ll need to use a gas pipe cutter. This is because electric wire cutters can’t handle the high heat and friction that corrugated pipe produces.

Gas pipe cutters come in several types, but the most common ones are manual and electric. Manual cutters typically operate by someone with experience, while electric ones are usually more convenient and easier to use.

They both work equally well, but electric ones are faster and easier to operate. To choose the right gas pipe cutter for your needs, you’ll need to consider the types of corrugated pipe you’ll be cutting and the size of the cutter. You should also ensure the cutter has a good battery pack, so it’s always ready when needed.

6. Cut The Corrugated Pipe With A Plasma Cutter

Cut The Corrugated Pipe With A Plasma Cutter.

Plasma cutters are a great way to cut corrugated pipes. They’re very versatile and can use for many different tasks. To use a plasma cutter, you must first set it up correctly. You’ll need to ensure that the cutting area is clean and free from obstructions.

Next, you’ll need to load the corrugated pipe into the machine and secure it with clamps or supports. Finally, start the machine and wait for it to heat up before cutting. When the cutting finishes, remove the pipe from the machine and dispose of it properly. Plasma cutters are highly efficient and safe tools that can easily handle tough materials like corrugated pipes.

7. Cut The Corrugated Pipe With A Jigsaw

Cut The Corrugated Pipe With A Jigsaw.

A corrugated pipe is a plastic pipe handy in construction and other industrial applications. It comprises several layers of plastic sheets cut along the grooves to create the desired shape. Jigsaws are one of the best tools for cutting corrugated pipe because they have several sharp blades that make it easy to cut through the layers at once.

Before starting to cut the corrugated pipe, make sure the jigsaw blade is the right size and type for the pipe material. It is important to use a blade for cutting plastic or metal, depending on the material of the pipe. Secure the pipe to a sturdy work surface to keep it stable while cutting.

When ready to cut, slowly guide the jigsaw along the marked line, letting the blade do the work. Move the jigsaw at a steady pace and avoid applying too much pressure to the blade. Once the cut is complete, it may be necessary to sand or file any jagged edges to ensure a smooth finish.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Corrugated Pipe?

What Are The Advantages Of Using Corrugated Pipe

A corrugated pipe is a great option for cutting because it’s strong, flexible, and easy to work with. It also has a low weight, meaning it’s easy to transport and handle. One of the main advantages of using a corrugated pipe is that it can handle a high degree of strain.

This means that it can withstand a lot of pressure without failing. In addition, its flexibility makes it ideal for routing around obstacles or bending in difficult directions. Another advantage is its resistance to wear and tear. This is because the corrugated pipe comes up of many small panels that are tightly sealed together.

This helps reduce the amount of noise and dust created during use and the risk of water infiltration into the system. Overall, corrugated pipe is a great choice for cutting because it offers many advantages over other options like metal pipes or PVC conduits.

How To Cut The Corrugated Pipe With A Saw?

How To Cut The Corrugated Pipe With A Saw

You can cut corrugated pipe using a saw in a few ways. The simplest way is to stand the pipe up on the end and cut it in half with a circular saw. Another option is to bend the saw around the pipe to make multiple cuts in the same area. You can also use a reciprocating saw if you have one or a chop saw if you have an extra blade.

Keep in mind that corrugated pipe is difficult to cut because of its curved shape and sharp edges. You could damage the pipe or your hands if you’re not careful. Always wear gloves when cutting corrugated pipe, and take safety precautions like eye protection and hearing protection.

Tips For Laying Out And Cutting Corrugated Pipe

Tips For Laying Out And Cutting Corrugated Pipe

When it comes to laying out and cutting corrugated pipes, there are a few tips that can help ensure a successful project. Laying out and cutting corrugated pipe is somewhat tricky. But with the right tips and techniques, you can do it easily and efficiently.

Here are some tips to help you with this task. By following these tips, you can lay out and cut the corrugated pipes with confidence and ease. – Measure twice, cut once. Before cutting your pipe, make sure to measure it carefully to ensure that you get the right length. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and leave a little extra length that you can trim off later.

  • Use a sharp blade. A dull blade can lead to jagged cuts and uneven edges, which can make it difficult to fit the pipe together properly. Make sure to use a sharp blade that is designed for cutting corrugated pipe.
  • Use a guide. To ensure that your cuts are straight and even, consider using a guide such as a piece of lumber or a straight edge. This can help you keep your cuts precise and avoid any mistakes.
  • Secure your pipe in place. When cutting your pipe, it’s important to keep it secure so that it doesn’t move around. Consider using clamps or other tools to hold the pipe in place while you work.


A corrugated pipe is a hollow tube of metal, plastic, or other material used to convey water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances. It usually connects to a pump to help move the fluid. A corrugated pipe is a type of tubing made from several layers of corrugated cardboard or paper.

It’s often used in plumbing and other heavy industrial applications because it’s strong, lightweight, and inexpensive to produce. Corrugated pipe is also popular because it has several unique properties that make it especially suited for certain applications. It is essential to know how to cut corrugated pipes.

Following the seven simple ways, you can cut corrugated pipe quickly and easily. The benefits of using corrugated pipe are many – from its durability to low maintenance requirements. So, get started with these simple ways and enjoy the benefits of corrugated pipe today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Do You Cut The Corrugated Pipe With?

Ans: Use the appropriate blade to cut the corrugated plastic pipe with a hacksaw or sharp utility knife. If you work with thicker pipes, you must use a circular saw with a special blade for cutting plastic pipes.

2.How Do You Splice Corrugated Drain Pipes?

Ans: First, cut the joint using a hacksaw or saw to splice the corrugated drain pipe. Then use long-nose pliers to grasp one end of the pipe and pull it tight against the fitting on the other side. Finally, use a round file to smooth down any bumps or irregularities in the plastic.

3.How Do You Cut Corrugated Culverts?

Ans: To cut a corrugated culvert, determine the length and width of the pipe you need. Then use a hacksaw or saw to cut the pipe in half. Next, use a reciprocating saw with a miter gauge to slice off two pieces that are exactly equal in size. Finally, bend one end of each piece to form an “L” shape. Assemble the pieces and tighten them down with pliers.

4.How Do You Connect PVC To The Corrugated Pipe?

Ans: You must use a coupling to connect PVC to a corrugated pipe. A coupling is a special fitting that helps connect two types of pipes. It’s important to ensure that the PVC and corrugated pipe are both cut cleanly using a saw or reciprocating saw.

5.What Are Some Of The Dangers Of Using Incorrect Methods For Cutting Corrugated Pipes?

Ans: Incorrect methods for cutting corrugated pipes can cause serious injury. For example, using a hacksaw instead of a saw blade can result in cuts that go into the plastic pipe. This can lead to extensive damage and even death. Additionally, improper use of a circular saw may result in severe burns or lacerations.

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