How To Cut The Top Of A Succulent And Replant [Effective Tips]

Succulents are one of the most popular plants on the market, with a vast range of shapes and sizes that can arrange virtually. However, like all plants, succulents require water to survive.

If you’re looking to keep your succulents healthy and happy, it’s essential to know how to cut the top of a succulent correctly so that you can replant it. Here’s everything you need to know.

How To Cut The Top Of A Succulent And Replant

Cut The Top Of A Succulent And Replant

Cutting And Replanting Succulents

  1. A hand saw,
  2. A coping saw,
  3. Pruning shears
  4. Secateurs.

Remove The Old Leaves

Remove The Old Leaves.

Before you start to cut the succulent plant, be sure to remove any old leaves that may get in your way. To do this, use a pair of sharp scissors or a hedge trimmer and cut off the leaf closest to the stem.

It will help you avoid injuring the succulent and ensure clean cuts around its circumference. Once you have removed all of the old leaves, be sure to moisten the substrate thoroughly before planting in place.

Trim Off The Top Of A Succulent Plant

Trim Off The Top Of A Succulent Plant

When trimming off the top of a succulent plant, it is essential to take the time to clean off any debris or old plant material surrounding the base of the plant.

It will help avoid harming your succulents and ensure that your new cuttings go in without issue. Additionally, make shallow cuts around the circumference of your suitable’s base and avoid touching or damaging the stem or leaves.

Remove The Roots

Remove The Roots

It is not necessary to remove the roots when replanting a succulent. However, it can help to moisten the substrate before planting in place if you would like to prevent any damage from happening during this process.

Avoid Water Getting Inside

Avoid Water Getting Inside

When replanting or cutting a succulent, thoroughly water the substrate before planting. It will help avoid water getting inside the plant and causing it to rot. Additionally, ensure that you clean off any debris or old plant material surrounding the base of your succulent before beginning this process.

How To Cut The Top Of A Succulent And Replant

How To Cut The Top Of A Succulent

  1. Make sure you have the right tool for the job – a sharp blade or hedge trimmer with an inch-wide cutting head is necessary.
  2. Clean off debris or old plant material from around your succulent’s base, using a clean cloth if necessary. It will help ensure that your new plant goes in without problems and receives plenty of water and nutrients during its growth phase.
  3. Make shallow cuts around the circumference of your succulent’s base, avoiding the stem or leaves.
  4. Carefully pull out the old plant and replace it with your new one, using fresh soil and water to moisten the substrate thoroughly before planting.

Replant Succulents After Cutting

Replant Succulents After Cutting

Water the succulent thoroughly and then place it in a soil mixture: one part sand, one part loam, and one part peat moss. When you’re happy with the placement of your succulent, gently firm the soil around it using your hands.


The best way to tell if you have replanted succulents is to look for new leaves. Succulent plants, after all, love the sun and need little care. However, if your plant does not show signs of life within a few months, it’s time to dig out the roots and start over again.

You can also soak their seeds overnight in a mild Epsom salt solution before replanting them. It will ensure they thrive with minimal stress and injury this time around.


1.What Kind Of Succulent Is Being Discussed?

Ans: The succulent in this article is a Hedgehog Cactus.

2.How Do You Cut The Top Off A Succulent?

Ans: A two-inch broad cutting head is necessary for this task.

3.What Should You Do With The Cut Top?

Ans: The top can be re-used as a decorative pot filler or planted in soil to become part of the succulent’s new rootball.

4.How Often Should A Succulent Be Replanted?

Ans: Succulent plants, like all plants, benefit from regular watering and repotting. A succulent that typically grows slowly, such as the Hedgehog Cactus, may only need to be replanted every two years.

5.What Are Some Reasons To Replant A Succulent?

Ans: If the succulent is in poor condition, it may be due to a lack of sunlight or water. Succulents can also grow slowly if their roots are allowed to dry out. Replanting will ensure that the succulent gets the nutrients and sunlight needed to thrive and overgrow.

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