How Long Does A Typical Garbage Disposal Last?

A garbage disposal is a handy kitchen unit. It grinds up food particles such that they are small enough to pass through the pipes smoothly. The unit is useful in ensuring that our sinks stay clean and free from clogging.

But how long do garbage disposal last? If you would like to know, I have prepared a simple guide that you can check. You will know how long it can last as well as effective measures that you need to take in place to extend the life of your garbage disposal.

“Lifespan of a Garbage Disposal”

Maybe you installed a new garbage disposal, and you are wondering how long it will last. Well, various things will affect the longevity of the garbage disposal.

A typical garbage disposal can last as long as ten years or more. This is, however, depending on how you maintain it. Everything wears away with age, but if well taken care of, you can increase its lifespan.

The durability also depends on the quality of the disposal. It is therefore important that you purchase from a manufacturer with reputable quality. Go for the more reliable brands. They’re expensive but worth the money.

Proper maintenance of the garbage disposal can, however, boost its lifespan, just like anything else. Thus it will prolong the time taken before a replacement is needed. It will also prevent early breakages and so let you enjoy your equipment.

“How to Maintain a Garbage Disposal”

If you want to extend the life of your garbage disposal, the following are tips that can help you take good care of your equipment.

“Clean your garbage disposal regularly”

How do you do this? Apply a little amount of soap in it. Ensure it is a mild soap, as tough chemicals may damage the shredders. You can then turn the equipment on. Pour some water through the disposal.

“Use the garbage disposal for its purpose”

A garbage disposal is a kitchen appliance that should only “digest” kitchen refuse. We tend to forget this and end up putting things such as plastic and metallic objects in the disposal. These eventually slow down the disposal. They may end up clogging it necessitating a replacement. They can also dull the blades, and therefore call for replacement.

“Avoid dumping eggshells and fibrous vegetables in the garbage disposal”

Eggshells contain the membrane, which is usually slimy. They may wind up coating the grinding surface of the disposal. This reduces its efficiency as it allows the shredded particles to move past the disposal and eventually clog it. Fibrous vegetables can tie up the joints of the disposal and disable it from moving.

“Keep off bad smell”

Foul smell is a sign of decomposition. It implies the presence of bacteria. In this case the bacteria act on the food, therefore, releasing the odor. This is dangerous since bacteria action results in acid. The acid may corrode the metallic parts of the disposal. In this case, the areas responsible for grinding the waste. You can avoid this by disinfecting the garbage disposal after washing it.[

“Avoid overworking the garbage disposal” f

Though the garbage disposal is assumed to do pretty much anything, the workload should be regulated. Garbage disposals come in different sizes. The smaller horsepower can handle a small scale of refuse. Disposals with larger horsepower can handle a wider range of refuse.

Though they may last for a credible period, garbage disposals will eventually wear out. Maintenance only serves to extend the date when replacement will be required. Eventually, every other tool gives in as everything has an end. How then will you know that your disposals life is coming to a halt?

“Signs That You Need a New Disposal”


“Frequent clogging”

This usually implies that the grinding blades are getting blunt. This may be caused by overworking the disposal. This means the disposal is smaller than the amount of refuse it is being made to handle. Thus you may need a garbage disposal with larger horsepower, depending on the size of the refuse.

“A smelly unit”

This is a sign that there are particles trapped in the system. If the smell will not go away with frequent washing, then that’s a red flag. You need to replace such a disposal.

“Too noisy a garbage disposal”

This may be caused by a metallic object trapped in the disposal. If you remove and yet the disposal still doesn’t work, it may be a sign of malfunction.


If the disposal experiences leakages despite attempted repairs, then this means a replacement should be done as soon as possible.

“Final Words”

You can tell that the garbage disposal lessens the inconveniences in the kitchen. If well maintained the garbage disposal can serve you well for a whopping 15 years. Knowing the techniques to take, I’m sure you will have an easy time doing just that.

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