How to fix a sinking office chair

If you are someone like me who sit most of the time in front of the desk can understand the importance of an office chair. The office chair is a crucial element in every office because it links to productivity. To be more productive in the office, people try to use the best office chair. But all office chair stop working after a few years or need to repair. Sinking is the common fault of the office chair. Here I am going to share my two favorite ways to fix a sinking office chair. If you want to fix your sinking office chair don’t go anywhere.

“Required tools and material for fixing a sinking office chair” Here are some tools and material that will need to fix a sinking office chair.

  • Hose clamp
  • Screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • PVC pipe
  • Ruler
  • Axo blade

“Fixing sinking office chair with a hose clump”

“Step one: Remove the plastic tube

Most of the office chair comes with a plastic tube that covers the metal cylinder. At the first step, we need to expose the metal cylinder so that we can apply our fixing method. So, how can we remove the plastic tube? Removing the plastic is super easy. To remove the plastic tube, slide the plastic tube all the way down or up until you see the extendable cylinder.

“Step two: Set your desirable height” While using this method you should know that this fixing will bring permanent result. You cannot reset your chair height after applying this method. That’s why you should select the chair height carefully. Use the height that you used most of the time when your chair was not sinking. You can set the height which is preferable for long hour sitting. So select the perfect height according to your need.

“Step three: Take a hose clamp and wrap it around the metal cylinder”

It’s time to wrap the hose clamp around the metal cylinder. You can buy a hose clamp from a store for this purpose. To wrap the hose clamp, loosen the screw of the hose clamp through a screwdriver then wrap the cylinder. At this moment you will not tighten the clamp.

“Step four: Tight the clamp as much as possible”

The success of this method depends on the clamp tightness. If the clamp becomes lossen then your chair will sink again. That’s why you have to make sure that the clamp is tightened and it remains on its position. Before tightening the clamp we will clear the metal cylinder so that no oily element remains on the cylinder. Now to give the hose clamp better grip, we will wrap the cylinder with duct tape. Make sure that all visible surface of the cylinder wrapped by the duct tape. It’s time to tighten the hose clamp as much as possible through a screwdriver.

“Step five: Check your chair is working or not”

Now sit down on the chair and check it sink or not. If you follow all the steps properly your chair will not sink again. If you find that chair height is not right then you can reset it by flowing the same process.

“Fixing the sinking office chair with a PVC pipe”

“Step one: Measure the size of the cylinder”

To apply the method of PVC pipe first, you have to measure the cylinder of the chair to know the needed size of the PVC pipe. So how to measure the size of the cylinder precisely? To do this first we need to remove the plastic tube from the metal cylinder then use a ruler to measure it.

We measured the cylinder so what next? It’s time to go to your nearest shop and buy a quality PVC pipe. While buying PVC pipe make sure that you buy a lengthy PVC pipe than your actual need.

“Step two: Saw the PVC pipe”

Now saw the PVC pipe along with its length through an axo blade. While cutting the PVC pipe make sure that you wear protective gear because PVC pipe contains harmful material. Don’t forget to wear a sunglass while cutting PVC pipe.

“Step three: Place the pipe onto the metal cylinder”

To place the pipe onto the metal cylinder we need to remove the plastic tube from the metal cylinder. Slide the plastic tube up or down to remove the plastic tube from the metal cylinder. After that take the PVC pipe and place the slit side of the PVC pipe against the metal cylinder. Now, push the PVC pipe so that it warps the metal cylinder. This PVC pipe will hold the chair in your desired height.

What if I can’t get my desire height? If you can’t get your desired height at first try then you can use another piece of PVC pipe to get your desired height

“Final words”

After applying the above steps I hope your office chair will become sink free. In order to get the best result, you have to flow all instructions properly. Let me know which one is your favorite method for fixing a sinking office chair in the comment box below. Don’t forget to inform me if you face any problem to fix your sinking office chair.

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