How to Wear Ankle Brace – Ultimate guide

If you are into physical activities like playing basketball and other sports, you can experience an ankle sprain. This happens when your foot twists and forces the ankle joint from its normal position. If you know how to wear ankle brace, you can protect your ankle from immobilization, sprains and other injuries.

What exactly is an ankle brace?  An ankle brace is a garment you wear around the ankle to provide your ankle with support. It helps you heal from ankle sprains and other injuries. Having an ankle brace can reduce ankle injury, chronic ankle pain or help you recover from an ankle injury.

According to a sturdy by American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, over 25,000 people experience ankle sprain every day. Having an ankle brace can help you reduce ankle related injuries. I made this guide to help you know how you can wear it right. I have also included other important tips that you need to know about ankle braces.

“Should Basketball Players Wear Ankle Braces?”

The answer to this question is yes. Ankle braces are important for any basketball player. Ankle injuries are common among many basketball players. More than 492.9 percent of basketball players experience ankle injuries when playing basketball.

The bad thing is that once you experience an ankle injury, there is a high possibility of the problem occurring again in the future. This is why basketballers are advised to look for the best ankle brace for basketball to prevent ankle injuries.

Not only do ankle braces prevent initial injuries from taking place but also prevents the risks associated with recurrent injuries. If you play basketball, look for an ankle brace that is specifically designed to work with your ankle not against it.

There are different types of ankle brace for basketball on the market today so you need to understand their designs, motion range and how they affect your ankle strength. This will help you get a quality ankle brace that works well.

Wearing an ankle brace will provide you with many benefits. Ankle braces offer strength and protection from different injuries and ailments. They are ideal for people who have arthritis, sprains, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and ankle pain and inflammation. The following are the benefits you will get from wearing an ankle brace.

]If you have weak ankles, wearing an ankle brace can provide you with the required support. Ankle braces are designed with stretchy a material that has plastic and metallic support. There are two types of ankle braces that you can wear. You can either choose a pull ankle brace or a lace-up brace.

Pull on braces do not provide enough protection because they do not have metallic fittings. Make sure you find an ankle brace that is designed with support on both sides to provide your ankle with maximum protection.

“• Prevent future injuries”

Wearing ankle braces also help you avoid future ankle injuries. People who experience ankle sprains frequently of have sensitive ankles can benefit more if they wear an ankle brace. Wearing an ankle brace is an affordable way that can help you avoid future ankle injuries. You can wear it when training and it will not affect your skin in any way. If you are engaging in physical activities that can injure your ankle, always wear an ankle brace to protect your ankles.

“• Relieve pain and swelling”

If you experience ankle sprain where the ankle rolls, this can be a painful experience. To prevent pain from this type of injury, you can wear an ankle brace. Ankle braces work well to provide enough support to the injured tendons and ligaments. You will feel relieved pain and swelling that result from the sprain.

“How to Wear Ankle Brace the Right Way”

There are different situations where you can wear ankle braces. They are perfect for high-intensity sports or people who engage in daily physical activities.  If you are recovering from ankle surgery, wearing an ankle brace can offer support and limited movement to help you recover fast.

Many people have ankle braces but not everybody knows how to wear them right. Athletes have different feelings when it comes to how ankle braces should be tight. The most important thing is to ensure that your ankle feels well and locked in. this means that the ankle brace should not restrict the flow of blood. Again, you should not experience pain as a result of the tightness.

Another thing that will help you get the right tightness is the level of protection that you need. If you need a lower level of protection, you will feel more flexible as compared to maximum protection which is a bit rigid.

For you to wear an ankle brace the right way, make sure that you spend time to adjust the laces/straps so that you can achieve the required protection as well as compression without causing more pain or restricting blood flow.

Choosing the right ankle brace depends on your needs. There are different types of ankle braces that you can select to meet your needs. The most important factors that you should consider when choosing an ankle brace include the following:

  • Types- Do you want sleeves, strap braces or lock up ankle braces?
  • Comfort
  • How frequent do you want to wear?
  • Brace tightness


“Final Words”

Having an ankle brace is important to provide your ankle with support. They work well in locking the joint for people with ankle injuries or weak ankles. How long should you wear an ankle brace? This is a common question among many people with ankle injuries. There is no exact time to wear an ankle brace because it depends on how severe your injury is. For instance, you can wear an ankle brace for up to 6 months or until the pain and swelling go away and your ankle is more stable. I believe you understand more about ankle braces and why you need one.

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