Is Sitting in a Recliner Bad for Your Back?

One of the best feelings you get after a long day at work is lying on a seat and have your legs raised in a relaxed position. You may realize some pain in your lower back after spending some time relaxing on your recliner seat. This experience may create worries, and you may start to question the activity of sitting in a recliner. This is when many people start asking; is sitting in a recliner bad for your back. On this article, we are going to discuss much on why recliners may cause back pain and why they should not cause back pain.

“Understand how recliners may affect your lumbar and lower back”

Resting your body on a recliner seat gives a good feeling. And it is recommended for your back as long as it is done on a chair that provides good support to your lumbar. Have your whole body rested properly and have your feet elevated right above heart level.

In most cases, lower back pain caused by recliners happen when your recliner does not provide total lower back support. Probably of your body is not able to fit well in the recliner and offer maximum comfort.

Due to a variety of recliner designs, we have in the market, different types of recliners offer varied results to users. You find that some recliners provide better lumbar and lower back support than others. Lack of proper lower back and lumbar support causes lower back muscles to stretch further and tighten more as you sit.

“Check the support offered by a recliner to your lower back”

Whenever you are choosing a recliner, it is advisable that you choose one that offers the best support to your lumbar. This is because it is the area where much impact is experienced during the use of a recliner seat. A good recliner should offer the best support to lower back and lumbar. This is the one that does not have a gap between your lower back and the seat whenever you put your legs up during use.

The effect brought about by this is when you put your legs up, your lower body sink in the gap hence making you slouch. In this position, your lower back muscles and ligaments are stretched, and this causes a lot of strain, which leads to lower back pain.

To solve the gap issue on a recliner, you need to recline the seat without anyone sitting on it and check on where the seat and the recliner meet. Examine the meeting point of your seat and the recliner for a gap that your body can sink in. If you notice a deep gap where your body can sink, then the recliner will hurt your lower back if used.

“What you get for elevating your feet”

Elevating your feet above the heart level gives your body a chance to relief after having a tiresome day standing. When you spend a significant period standing, blood tends to rush to your feet, and this can be relieved easily by elevating your feet above your heart.

Elevating your feet above your heart causes blood to flow back to your upper body. It also lets gravitational force relief and possible inflammation and stress in your feet in a natural way.

The activity of elevating your feet still helps your back by sending healing blood to your back muscles and tendons hence reducing back pain, and giving a resting moment to your nervous system.

Our bodies back and core muscles constantly work towards balancing our upper and lower body. Therefore, taking a break and allowing our body to rest from the constant work stress they are exposed to help our back heal and grow stronger.

“Find a recliner that fits your body”

Problems such as back, neck, and also leg pain may be associated with a recliner that does not support your body fully. An important aspect we should understand about recliners is that different recliners are designed for different body shapes.

Some recliners are designed with support for taller backs while others are designed for shorter backs. The same case applies to feet rests, and you will come across recliners with wide footrests while others have narrower footrests.

Another problem that is common with recliners is ankle pain. This happens when the footrests are too short that leaves feet hanging off. To avoid these problems, you need to find the most suitable recliner that fits your body type.

“Rest your body correctly on the recliner”

The best recliner posture is achieved when all pressure points in your neck, back, buttocks, and legs are fully supported. Your chairs back should bulge outside a bit to allow full lower back support. Remember to make sure that you settle into the middle point of the cushion and not leaning by the side since leaning by the side may inure your spinal cord.

This may also be harmful to your hips and knees too since it will apply excess pressure on the lower side of either hip or knee. Also, make sure that the chair arms does not push up your shoulders; your hands should rest comfortably.

A good recliner is that which makes you sigh in relief every time you use it. Also, it offers full-body support with all pressure points being taken care of. If a recliner does not provide all that we have mentioned, then you may need to find a better one.


Recliners are good for our daily use and most importantly, for the health purposes in our body. To achieve the best results from recliners, we need to find the best and suitable recliners that can allow total body fitting. Every problem associated with recliners can be alleviated by applying the knowledge we have gained from this article. Remember that recliner are made for comfortable relaxing and not to be used and expect health problems.

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