Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review

Are you a serious rider that’s looking for a sturdy male bike that’s able to withstand all kinds of terrains while on your riding adventures? Your search has come to an end. The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike is all you need. It is specially designed with intensified features to enable you ride through mountainous landscapes and hilly trails. Besides, the bike also has a height that’s suitable for most men. Most importantly, the bike allows you to enjoy your rides without any kind of safety concerns with the disc front and rear brakes that are featured along. Below is a table outlining some specifications that are part of this incredible Mongoose mountain bike.




Weight:52 pounds
Weight Capacity:250 pounds
Gear Speeds:7
Type:Mountain bike
Tire Width:4 inches
Other Features:Fat tire
Other Features:Easy assembling, reliable chain mechanism, comfortable frame and handle bar, enhanced stability





“Review Points of Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels”

“Great Design”

Here below we provide you with a detailed discussion of the bike’s outstanding features so that you know what a satisfactory ride the bike will be able to offer you once you get it.

“7 Speeds”

If you are involved in riding on hilly areas, you will need a bicycle with gear speeds that are up to the task. This bike is specially designed to enable you traverse through hilly areas without much struggle with the 7 gear speeds that come with it. Also, for smooth hill climbing, the speeds come with twist shifters that make gear changing quite simple.

“Fat Tires”

Having a bike that’s able to provide a smooth ride in all kind of terrain will enable you to enjoy a wide range of adventurous rides. To provide you with an incredible riding experience, the bike comes with 4-inch wide tires also known as the fat tires. Moreover, the fat tires also provide maximum stability for all your riding expeditions. Basically, there is nowhere you cannot go with this fat tire bike even on the snow or sand.

“Steel Frame”

The construction material that’s used for the bike determines how long it will last with being exposed to both off and on-road conditions. This Mongoose dolomite bike is an ideal choice for any serious rider since it is designed with a steel frame that makes the bicycle sturdy enough for tough riding terrain. Besides, the cruiser design of the frame also provides a smooth ride and a good user experience for the rider. Other than providing durability, this steel frame makes the bike lightweight as well.

“Alloy Rims”

A bike with speed is quite important especially for riders that are involved in long journeys. To make this bike lightweight, Mongoose brings it with lightweight alloy rims. In turn, these lightweight alloys make the bike less weighty hence it is a high speed bike.

“Disk Brakes”

For any rider, safety comes first while buying a bike for their riding trips. To provide the rider with maximum safety, the bike is designed with front and rear disc brakes for safety assurance. With the brakes you can bring the bike to a halt swiftly and safely to avoid hitting people or animals. Note that the brakes work effectively in trail conditions; whether it’s a rainy or a sunny day you will be able to stay in control in the face of an emergency. Note that before you start any journey you should ensure both the front and the rear brakes are in a perfect condition.

“Height and Weight”

The height of the bike is suitable for the most of grown men. Particularly, the bike is suitable for people ranging from 5 feet 6 inches to 6 feet. In regards to weight, the bike is sturdy enough to hold individuals weighing up to 250 pounds.

“Easy Assembling”

Right from the manufacturer, the bike comes ready for riding. The only thing you will need to do is making adjustments on the brakes and some other small components of the bike.

“Cruiser Pedals”

The pedals you have on your bike determine how much you are in control while riding. This mongoose dolomite bike comes with beach cruiser pedals that provide firm comfortable cycling for the rider.

“Chain Functionality”

Ever rode the kind of bikes where your leggings get stuck on the chain of the bike especially if it’s the baggy type? This is quite annoying, right? Other than being unimpressive, this could be quite dangerous because in an instant where your pants get caught in the chain you are definitely going to fall off the bike and may be end up with serious injuries. With this mongoose fat tire bike you won’t have such an experience because the bike’s chain is arranged in a perfect manner onto the front sprocket.

“Versatile Functions”

If you are an enthusiastic rider, you don’t want a bike that will limit you into riding only to particular areas. Despite of the Mongoose dolomite being a cheap fat tire bike, it is richly featured to enable you to have your riding adventures in all kind of environments. Whether you want to traverse through the hills and the mountains or if you want to ride on the sandy beach, this bike has got all it takes to do so.

“Great Design”

Apart from being a high performance bike, this bike has an attractive design that will have all eyes on you while on your riding trips. And you know what? You don’t have to empty your bank account for all the attention! Moreover, the fat tire design gives it an impressive masculine look.

“Handle bar”

The handle bars of the bike are comfortable thus enabling you to navigate through your adventure trails much easily.

“Top Features”

  • User-friendly handle bar and frame
  • Suitable for different Terrains
  • Fat tire capability
  • Optimal stability
  • High speed
  • Simple assembling
  • Heavy rider convenience
  • Beach cruiser pedals

“What we liked :”

  • The bike offers maximum stability for the rider with the 4 inch tires. This way the rider doesn’t end up toppling down as a result of hitting bumps and pot holes on the road.
  • With the bike, the rider can enjoy their riding adventures in all kinds of terrain and in all weather conditions.
  • The front and rear effective brakes of the bike ensure that you are able to stop the bike instantly during emergencies.
  • The handle bar and the bike frame are easy to handle enabling you to ride comfortably on your favorite trails
  • Strong lightweight alloy rims are provided to keep the bike lightweight for an enhanced speed and a high performance as well.
  • The featured threadless headset is adjustable to suit the height of different individuals.
  • With the capacity of offering a ride for most adult men, the bike can accommodate individuals that are 6 feet tall.
  • The efficient chain function ensures that you don’t get accidental falls from your pants getting tucked into the bike’s chain.

“What we didn’t like :”

  • From a survey of the mongoose dolomite reviews, it has been noted that the front break tends to produce some noise at some instances.

“Frequently Questions and Answers”

“I would like to purchase this bike because it is very sturdy despite it being fairly priced but I weigh 270 pounds. Will it work for me?”

Ans: Though the weight limit recommended by the manufacturer is 250 pounds, the bike has been used by individuals who are even 300 pounds heavy without getting it damaged. So yes, it will for you.

“Q. Is a bike seat part of the package?”

Ans: Yes, and if it doesn’t suit you well you can always have it replaced with another one.

“Q. Will I need to inflate the tires of the bike myself or they come inflated?”

Ans: Yes, the tires are inflated right from the manufacturer all you need to do on delivery is to attach them to the frame.

Q. Is it good on hilly areas and mountain landscapes?

Ans: Absolutely yes! The bike has 7 speeds, which make it powerful enough to ride smoothly in steep trails.

“I like riding at remarkably high speeds. Can I be able to upgrade to 21 speeds?”

Yes it is possible. The only problem is that will end up spending much for the procedure.

With the above review of the mongoose dolomite bike, there is only one statement left to say; there is nothing you can’t do with Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike! This is because the bike will allow you to enjoy your riding adventures limitlessly while also offering you maximum stability and safety on your rides. Moreover, the bike features cheap fat tire bike brands thus being a great option for an individual looking for a high performance bike at an affordable price.

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