How to select Swing dance shoes

“Let’s take a look at the market of the dancing shoes”

Since you are a novice in dancing, and this is the very first time you perform such an activity there is no need in buying new and expensive shoes for your hobby. You can check all the comfortable shoes that you keep in your closet and start dancing like never before. You need to choose the pair of shoes that gives you great grip but also keeps an acceptable level of sliding to the floor which will help you turn easily when dancing.

You always need to be comfortable in your shoes. But as time comes by there is going to be a greater necessity to purchase new and specialized shoes that give you a certain boost to your performance. This guide is for you to check and find the most suitable shoes for swing dancing for your own case and be always fashionable when dancing.

Nowadays, the variety of swing dance shoes that you can find on line is remarkable. In the oldest times the only swing shoes that you could easily buy directly from the shelf would be the traditional white and black (for ladies as well) and were equipped with rubber bottoms that allowed restricted spin and almost no possibility to slide which made dancing experience a real failure.

There were no wedges for women which are now popular among the feminine population. The trend today is to find the most comfortable street shoes and make them “chromed” giving new existence to the dancing performance of the user. New editions are featuring some ample options of suede and hard leather bottoms as well as many styles to choose and be always the center of the attention.

The price range of the swing shoes is also of great importance since you need to order them online and wait for them for some days.”

What are the major characteristics of the swing shoes that you should be looking for”

You need to check that the shoes are comfortable for you and that you can perform dancing without hurting your feet. There is a great need for the swing shoes to have softer insoles and more cushioning to the heel and forefoot areas where most of the pressure from the floor is exerted. The upper mesh needs to be breathable and the shoes are better made from lightweight materials to help you perform better.

“The spin and slide technology”

The right swing shoes are not as like the athletic shoes. The rubber outsoles can stick your feet to the floor and make it difficult for you to spin and slide. These movements are essential for swing dancing and could be easily performed with hard leather bottom shoes or sometimes plastic outsole shoes that are easier to find these days and need less investment to acquire.

“The anatomy of the swing dancing shoes”

Swing dancing has a lot to do with moving all your parts of the body especially the legs to show your cheerful condition and happiness. This is allowed only if you are wearing a lightweight pair of shoes that can easily improve the anatomic relation of the forefoot as well as the backfoot area. For instance, the heel area needs to cooperate strongly with the ankle area so that the dancer can easily jump or change direction.

The upper mesh of the shoes should keep these anatomic areas together and still try to increase their level of movement between an acceptable range. The tongue should be breathable and allow the air flow to pass through the shoes so that the person can easily have better hygiene on his feet.

Not to mention, that the outsole keeps on being one of the most unique parts of the swing dancing shoes. Being durable and flexible at the same time, the outsole is giving the dancers the chance to perform better movements and be always ready to mobilize themselves according to the pace of the music.

“What swing shoes are better for you?”

Swing dancing shoes are supposed to be soft and tender when touching the inner part of the feet. On the other side, their external part should be rigid enough to withstand all the pressure coming from the floor and divert the energy to the most function-able parts of the dancer’s feet.

The quest to find the best available swing dancing shoes is an ongoing procedure highly individualized according to each dancer’s special needs. The price is not always a good criterion in choosing the right pair of shoes that is why you should always be suspicious of the low-cost shoes that are advertised online. Make sure you get the best shoes and your swing dancing performance.

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