Top 5 Tennis Gear for Safety


Top tennis gear for safety measures is definitely essential for tennis players. These protective equipment keep the muscle relaxed, good vision, less stressed without any pain or tiredness. Like a helmet for the biker or cover of your cellphone, these things can help you happy sporting on the court. You’d never know how you would get hurt during the face-to-face game if you haven’t dress you well. You may get proper safety before any accidental issues happen to you.

Tennis is a kind of game which requires you to jump or run more and more. You should feel comfortable and be able to move the limbs easily.  These below top 5 tennis gear for safety are must for a regular player.


Woo-Hoo! Surprised to see racquet in the list of protective gears for tennis?

Definitely, the racquet is a safety gear for playing tennis. I have seen some of my friends who faced awkward situations during their matches. They got hurt on their arms and legs, marks on the elbow, and even chances to get hurt on their eyes. This is for nothing but using low-quality racquets. A good quality racquet has suitable weight and size. Excessive or least length and weight of the racquet can harm you. Even you may not move your hands well choosing the wrong racquet. So, you should check and re-check the type of racquet first.


No part of the body is more sensitive than eyes. There are chances to get hurt by the tennis ball by keeping the eyes bare. Eyewear works like a barrier to the eyes which protects from any dust, dirt or any hit of the ball. There are many effective glasses available giving you full frontal protection and superior vision.

“Knee Pads:”

These pads are friendly in playing any kind of games. They keep your muscle loosen and fit for moving properly. They also can help you reduce the chances to have knee joint fractures. Even they can warm the muscles which keep you at ease in different situations like soreness, fatigues, etc. You will stay free from any bacterial infection.

“Arm Pads:”

Nobody can’t play tennis if his or her arms are not fit for the game. Arm pads are a soft, thin, fabric made pads. The elasticity of these pads keeps them attached to the skin. Your arm movement also improves when you start using the arm pads. They also help in proper blood circulation to the edge of the finger. Sweatbands are also similar to these pads. They soak the sweats from your body while playing the game.

“Shoes and socks:”

These are equally needed to run or jump on the solid surface of the tennis court. Synthetic fabric made socks are sweat resistant and can keep your feet dry. Cotton socks are not quite suitable for playing tennis. They are softer but have not enough power to soak the sweat. Even you will feel warmer after playing a couple of rounds. So, choosing the right socks can actually protect you.

In the case of sneakers, no ordinary shoes can give you free movement on the floor. Especially, sneakers made for tennis court are different from regularly used shoes. You must be aware of the sole of the shoes. Sneakers support the ankles to slide or roll from side to side. Antislip, light, flexible sneakers protect you from falling down or having any ankle pain.


Protective gear boosts the energy and interest in playing games like tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc. Wearing these things can reduce the stress level. You won’t feel any pain even if you are messed up on the court. As an example, a pair of tennis shoes can reduce the back pain of your body. I use these gears when I am on the court playing tennis. Don’t think that only these 5 types of gear are only safety gear for tennis. There are more equipment available for safety such as elbow brace, tennis gloves, wristband, finger bands, etc.

However, using tennis gear for safety are necessary to keep the feet moving on the tennis court. They even reduce the risks of getting hurt and fall on the solid surface. So, you should know about wearing the correct protective gear and choosing them.

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