Best Fixie Bikes – Top Models Tested & Reviewed By Experts!

A fixie bike alternatively called a fixed-gear bicycle or fixed-wheel bicycle is a single speed bike. Unlike the other common bikes, a fixie bikes brand has no freewheel mechanism. The Best Fixie Bikes are increasingly becoming popular in the United States because of their simplicity. Statistics indicate that by 2017 there were at least 47.7 million cyclists in the USA with the market for bicycles being estimated at a whopping 6.2 billion dollars.

The bikes are also easy to maintain and are much lighter. They are preferred by exercise enthusiasts because they allow a greater range of speeds, improve cadence and are comfortable to pedal for extended periods of time. So, if you are looking to purchase a fixie bike look no further. We have put together a collection of Best Fixie Bikes in the market, just for you.

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“Best Fixie Bike Reviews in 2019”

If you are searching for a fixed gear bike, check out reviews of our top bikes that we recommend this year. We have reviewed quality top fixie bikes that are worth your money.

“#1: Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike” f



Weight :Lightweight
Manufacturer :
Dimension :
Model number :68862
Manufacturer :Pure Cycles


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“What we liked :

  • Freewheel hub option
  • Durable Tig-welded steel frame
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Parts are easily replaceable
  • Comes with extra accessories

“What we didn’t like :”

  • The bike does not come fully assembled

The pure fix Fixie bike just like the rest of the pure fix fixies is seemingly simple at first glance. However, there is more to just the simplicity of the bike it is more about the efficiency. It is a well-made and versatile bike. Not only is it easy to use it is also as easy to put together and comfortable to use.

By just by looking at it, you get the feel of a true, original, fixie road bicycle. The construction and shape of this fixed gear bike make it easy for everyday use. It is a very good bike for novices. This is mainly because it is straight forward to use making it uncomplicated. It is not only easy to use but also as easy to maintain. This is because of its simplicity of make, it is equally as simple to fix and or replace parts.

Durability is another aspect of this original. It is as solid as they come. Made of a high-tensile frame that is fully Tig-welded. This makes the bike a keeper as it is guaranteed to last you a long time. For that extra grip when pedaling, the bike is fitted with Wellgo aluminum pedals.

The bikes fork tube is also made of the premium Hi-Tensile Steel. The handlebars are wide and designed in the grips are made in the BMX style. The bike has a three-piece crankset that is laser cut while its bottom bracket is sealed. Its chain fork is straight with a KMC chain. And to make your riding experience pleasurable, the saddle is a Pure Cycles V Drome and sporty.

The original fixie bike is extremely versatile and you can easily replace or add parts to customize it to your own style. Because Purefix understands that it may sometimes be tricky for beginners to transition from fixed gear to single speed, they put in a flip-flop hub. The made of two cogs works to allow you swiftly and conveniently change from single speed to fixie and vice versa. It easily provides you with flexibility. The bike is compatible with a myriad of accessories so it’s easy to personalize to your taste and preference.

The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed also comes accessorized. It comes with a container with some paint. This you can use to touch up after assembly or after your first fall when the bike gets grazed. It also comes with a free kickstand, front & rear reflectors, and a removable sticker.

The braking system is superb. The bike comes with Radius Caliper brakes the front that can be easily removed. The gear ration is just right to ensure you have a smooth ride. So whether you are just traversing through the terrain, or cruising downhill, this bike has got your back.

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“#2: Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike”



Weight :31.4 pounds
Color Combinations :10+
Model no :1216
Manufacturer :Critical Cycles


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“What we liked :”

  • Easy to assemble comes with instructions
  • Easy to switch between fixed gear and single speed mode
  • High-quality parts used in construction
  • Comes with horizontal dropouts
  • Clearance on toe overlap
  • Horizontal dropouts for easy wheel replacement
  • Double walled rims resilient to road roughness

“What we didn’t like :”

  • Needs to be assembled before use

For the urban dweller who is a junkie for bike riding, this Critical Cycles Fixie Urban Road Bike is made for you in mind. With its ease of use, flexibility, and durability it is a friendly bike worth every penny. The handsome design incorporates a single speed track frame that is perfectly aligned. The steel fixed gear.

When it comes to the way it is constructed, this single gear road bike has retained the classic design of a flat top tube that minimizes drag. Also, toe overlap is completely eliminated thus no unwanted injuries on your part. The horizontal dropouts on the rear end of the bike allow for easy wheel changing and maintenance. This is because you are able to remove the wheel of the fixie without having to derail the chain. This saves you a lot of time in case you have to change your wheels.

As far as durability goes, this bike has been constructed using an array of brand names. The tires are from Wanda, the chain from KMC. It has Well-Go Pedals and Pro-Max Brakes. Finally, it has a lightweight chain wheel and Protek 3-Piece Crank.

The bike itself is made of a steel frame that is attractive and weather resistant. The wheelset has double wall rims to ensure longevity. So no matter how rough your path may be, you are assured that your bike is safe.  The bracket is also sealed keeping away any dirt or moisture.  All these in combination make the bike an extremely durable fixie.

Comfort is assured when using this bike. To begin with, the bike is made with a comfortable v seat. The handlebars are wide and are made in the BMX style which ensures not only comfort but safe riding. The wheel size and the Protek 3-Piece Crank make absorption of shock a breeze.

Versatility comes with the fact that the bike is equipped with a flip-flop hub that makes it easy for any user to switch from the single speed and the fixed gear mode. The bike is available in several sizes that make it usable by men and women with ease. Whatever your size you will find the bike that best fits you. Sizes available are Small (49cm), Medium (53cm), and Large (57cm), There are also about a dozen color combinations to select from. It is truly a versatile fixie.

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#3: Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike”



Weight :7 ounces
Color :Multi
Dimension :
Manufacturer :Retrospec
Other Features :


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“What we liked :

  • Comfort rubber grips on the handlebars
  • Comes with a bottle holder for your water bottle
  • Easy to assemble and comes with assembly tools
  • Flip- flop hub to change between fixed and freewheel modes
  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Horizontal dropouts
  • The bike can be easily upgraded

“What we didn’t like :

  • Assembling the fixie may be tricky for some
  • Brakes not directly near handles

sometimes you may want to take your bike for a long ride in the summer. It may, however, be difficult to hold on to your water bottle as you cycle. This is where this bike comes in handy. It is built with a water bottle holder. This means you can comfortably ride along knowing that you can conveniently hydrate yourself anytime.

Riding is extremely comfortable as the design of the bar, with a subtle drop towards that front give you the leeway to ride in many positions. As the name suggests, the bars are in a bullhorn style, that to many is extremely comfortable and greatly assists in the steering of the bike. Additionally, the bars have a premium quality Kraton rubber grips that are comfy. They are additionally light in weight and strong.

The Wanda tires do a lot in ensuring that the shocks on the road are negligible. The tires are well made and are able to resist the rugged road tracks that are unlike the smooth urban roads. The fixie bike comes with a Flip – flop hub. This lets you change from having the bike in the fixed mode to having it in freewheel mode. So whether burning the extra calories in fixed mode or just cruising on the road, we got your back.

Durability is forefront in the construction of this fixie bike. The assembly has been done using components from reputable brand names. The tires are made by Wanda which has a name when it comes to good tires. The bike has a KMC 1/8- inch chain. The bikes bars are fitted with Kraton rubber grips while the bottom bracket is a sealed NECO branded 68×110 Cartridge. The sealing ensures that moisture and dirt do not easily penetrate. This keeps rust and grime away keeping it longer lasting. Lastly, the bike boasts of a Promax Brake.

The construction of the bike itself is something to call home about. To begin with, the frame is a hand built. The bike has enough bar spin clearance such that toe overlap is somewhat of a myth. The horizontal dropouts allow you to easily adjust the tension of the chain. The rims are double walled with a Deep-V. When it comes to the pedals, they have a low profile VP platform with an area of 9/16”, just right for your foot.

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“#4: Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike”



Shipping Weight :36.8 pounds
Color :Multi
Style :Multi
Model number :32752
Manufactures :Takara


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  • Easy to assemble
  • Fewer parts to join less probability of getting spoilt
  • Side pull brakes for safety
  • Durable steel frame for longtime use
  • Wide 700 x 32 tires for road hold

“What we didn’t like :”

  • The seat is not well padded
  • The brakes may tend to wear out quickly

If you are looking for a simple designed bike with the functionality of a well-serving bike, then this Takara Kabuto bike should be your pick. This bike as you guessed from the title is a single speed bike but also a fixie at the same time. It means that the bike has a hub that allows you to smoothly transition between fixed mode and single speed mode. And of course, it has only one speed.

The bike’s frame is crafted by hand and is made of tig-welded steel that is durable. It is also lightweight and is guaranteed to give you speed as you ride. it is resilient and shockproof. The frame also has a dropout and fork. To ensure that the bike is not as heavy, some of the components are made of alloy. The rims of the bike have 32 spokes, alloy hubs and are made from lightweight alloy. Because of its make up the bike has a very good road hold making cycling fun.

Anyone with one of these bikes will attest to the fact that the Takara Kabuto is one extremely durable fixie bike. This is because the bike is mainly made of steel and its alloy. The bike is well welded and is not prone to easily breaking off. The steel make-up is not susceptible to easily wear out.

The bike also has an easy transitioning hub that allows you to quickly switch from fixed gear mode to single speed mode. Depending on your mood you may decide to do the extra exercise on your way home by riding fixed gear. The process is simple. All you need to do is simply flip a handle built into the rear hub. Alternatively, you can take it easy as you coast on your way to run errands.

Safety has been considered when making this bike. We know that you sometimes have to make a sudden stop to avoid a disaster. With that in mind, this fixie has been fitted with two side pull brakes to enable you to stop without a problem. No more bumping into other people’s cars.

The bike is easy to install and maintain.  The bike comes with a manual that is easy to understand and all the necessary tools for you to get your bike up and running. There are no complicated procedures needed to put the bike together.

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“#5: Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike”



Headset :Alloy Threadless
Color :Blue / Black
Handlebar :Alloy
Model number :700-TRACK-BLU-BLK-50
Manufacturer :Vilano


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“What we liked :”

  • Solid color with no branded components
  • flip-flop hub interchanges fixed gear and single speed mode
  • lightweight steel and alloy body
  • easy to maintain
  • replaceable chainring
  • Can be easily personalized.


What we didn’t like :”

  • Assembly required before use

You may want to have a bike that you can use to run small errands or just move around the campus with ease. The Vilano fixie bike is ideal for you. It is easy to maintain as the bike itself is sturdy and not prone to getting damaged. The bike itself is simplistically made with few joined parts. The less the parts the, less than the probability of breakages.

Talking about simplicity, the bike is made of a tig- welded one-piece frame with alloy handlebars. This makes the bike lightweight. With a lightweight bike, you can easily pick up speeds. The bike also has no gears. The bike comes with dual brakes that keep you safe. You can stop at any time even abrupt stops are easily made. No more bumping into people around corners.

This fixed gear road bike is extremely durable as the frame is made from steel which is long lasting. The bike’s bottom bracket is sealed. This keeps away any unwanted particles including dust and moisture. Needless to say, this will make the bike last you longer.

Coasting around the campus is made possible despite the fact that this is a fixie bike. The bike has a flip flop hub that can be used to easily transition from the fixed gear mode to the single speed/freewheel mode. The choice is yours, whether you want to exercise those muscled in fixed gear mode or just enjoy a leisurely ride in freewheel mode.

Versatility is a main character of this fixie. First of all, the bike is assembled with no branded components. No logos that can permanently cramp your style. Second, the bike is fully customizable. Yes, this could be the bike that says who you are.

You can change and replace the components to fit your style including the chainring on the crankset. More to the personalization is the availability of different color combinations that you can get to personalize your bike. Maybe you prefer a color that matches your safety jacket, or maybe a color that matches your uniform because you ride your bike to work or to school every day. Well, your color your choice.

For comfortability, the bike comes with riser handlebars that make you look cool as you ride. They also ensure that you get maximum comfort as you ride along. Additionally, the bike comes with an urban saddle. The saddle has plush padding to ensure that ant shocks or vibrations are absorbed. This makes seating a comfort.

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“#6: Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike”



Shipping Weight :41 pounds
Color :
Other :Stylish
Model number :264019-P
Manufacturer :Vilano


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“What we liked :”

  • Flip-flop hubs for smooth fixed gear /freewheel transition
  • Extra wide tires for better cycling
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Stylish design
  • Wide tires for better road contact

“What we didn’t like :”

  • Brake tend to be noisy when engaged
  • Does not come fully assembled

This bike will surely be a lovely addition to your collection. It is easy to use and is suitable for ardent fixie junkies and the novices alike. It is a great performer on the road and is easy to maintain. The bike design is simple yet elegant. The accentuated design plus the sleek black frame color complete this stylish look. It is a good look bike with all the components of a good work bike. The geometry is perfectly balanced in the way that the other parts are in relation to the frame.

One unique feature of the bike is the slender light frame. It weighs a measly 22lbs as compared to some bikes whose frame only weighs around 20lbs. needless to say; this bike is capable of picking some noticeable speeds. For the days that you need to carry it to your riding square, it is also easy to move around.

The braking system is very reliable. The bike comes with dual brakes, one at the front and the other at the rear of the bike. The caliper braking system is stable and reliable. These come in handy for whenever you suddenly want to stop for traffic. No more bumping into vehicles or people. You stay safe.

Comfort is another feather work talking about. First of all, the welded bike frame is good at keeping pulsations to a minimum. The frame is able to resist shocks that may be caused by riding on bumpy surfaces.

Durability is evident in the makeup of the bike. Firstly, because the simplistic single frame design is durable as it has no joined parts that can easily break. Secondly, the frame itself is made of durable High Tensile Steel that is guaranteed to give you a long time of reliable service.

The wheels are double walled and have a Deep –V design. The hubs are anodized. They are not only durable in terms of strength and resilience but are also rust proof. Third, most of the components used are made by reputable brands. The chain is a 1/8″ from KMC. Luckily you can also replace the chain-ring. As we know the chin is an integral part of the movement of the bike. If all is not well with the chain, then all is lost with the bike.

Transitioning from hard pedaling to coasting is in a flash. The bike is fitted with a Flip-flop hub that allows you to change from riding on a fixed gear mode to a one -speed, freewheel mode.

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#7: KENT Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes” link=”


Shipping Weight :36 pounds
Color :Multi
Product Dimensions :69 x 24 x 38 inches
Wheels :700c Alloy
Manufacturer :KENT


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“What we liked :”

  • Durable steel frame made to last long
  • Comes with flip – flop hub
  • The bike is fitted with powerful front and rear brakes
  • The flat bar provides a comfortable riding position
  • Lightweight and is good for speed riding
  • Comes in an array of sizes to suit all users

“What we didn’t like :”

  • The bike may be a bit weighty
  • “Loud” colors may put some people off

This bike is very simple in style but a surprisingly sleek, beautiful bike that is a stunner to look at. Loaded with wonderful features it may be hard to pass it by. To begin with, the frame is made of a durable and strong steel frame and fork. This frame is assured of strength and longevity. The mismatched tire colors and the use of white and black on the frame make this a very noticeable bike. For further style has safety, the pedals are decorated with reflectors.  It is considered funky and fun by some.

The bike comes with a dual braking system with one break at the front and the other at the rear. The pull brakes are made of alloy which makes them good quality and high power brakes that make your safety a priority. You can quickly stop when you need to.

The alloy wheelset is another component worth noting on this Takara Flat bar fixie. The tires are wide with a measurement of 700 x 32. These wheels are larger than those most conventional bikes. They do well in rough terrain so the bike is not only for use on urban roads. This means that they offer greater value than the standard tires in most bikes.

Additionally, the bikes have no derailleurs instead the bikes rear wheels have a flip flop hub attached. Attaches are a freewheel and a fixed gear cog. Changing from fixed gear to freewheel mode and vice versa has been made easy for you. so you are not just locked on to the fixed gear riding but you may enjoy the costing that the freewheel option provides.

As the name suggests the bar is placed in the classic horizontal position rather than the slanted position that is common in most bikes nowadays. The bar design serves you in two ways. First, it offers you a comfortable position for riding. Secondly, the position that you ride in is really good to look at. It is an appealing posture. We all agree it is cool to look good as you cruise.

When it comes to performance and functionality, there is no doubt about this bike. It is a bike that can comfortably be used by both men and women. The bike comes in multi-colored options this apart from just a chic look is a safety feature. This is because the bike can be spotted from a distance because of its bright and unique colors.

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#8: 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes” link=”

Weight :7 ounces
Color :Multi
Dimension :
Model number :Track-Black-Black-47cm
Manufacturer :6KU


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“What we liked :

  • Has a flip-flop hub for freewheel/fixed gear switching
  • Made of durable aluminum alloy material
  • Lighter in weight as compared to some
  • Has 3 finger brakes
  • Parts are easily replaceable
  • Brakes at the front and back of the bike


“What we didn’t like :”

  • The bike has no water carrying utility


Stylish look because slightly bent back chain that makes the design extremely handsome. The bike is made of a sturdy aluminum alloy making it a worthy investment that will last you a long time. The bike frame and the fork are made from full aluminum.

However, despite the aluminum, the bike is lightweight and can easily be moved around even when it is being ridden. The bikes cartridge is sealed keeping away any moisture and dirt that may harm your fixie bike. The 30mm bike wheels are made of an alloy that is attractive to look at. To add on to the attractiveness and durability of the bike wheels is the Deep V Double-Walled design.

Highly responsive is a virtue of this bike. The bike is easy to maneuver and control because of the lightweight aluminum frame. The handlebars have a 31.8mm riser that not only increases comfort but also the capacity to handle the fixie bike.

The bike is very comfortable first because of the plushy padded saddles that absorb shock. The seat post is made of a stable alloy for your comfort as you ride along. Also, the pedals are mounted using the BMX. This increases the level of comfort of the bike.

A flip flop hub makes the bike versatile. It allows you the freedom to easily change from fixed gear to freewheel without a worry. This comes in handy especially for the new fixie users who may have teething problems as the fixies work differently. So you can occasionally enjoy coasting along the beach as you take that leisurely ride in the freewheel mode. And when you want the much-needed exercise, just switch back to the fixed gear mode. After all, that’s what you paid for in the first place.

The bike components can be replaced or changed to make the bike feel and look more like who you are or how you feel. In short, the bike is highly customizable. If you think it is boring, just swap with whatever feels funky to you and there you have it, a bike that talks to you.

Finally, this bike is able to accommodate people of all sizes and shapes. This is because the bike is available in six different sizes, so no matter your body size you are assured to get the fixie that fits just right.

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“#9: State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike”


Seatpost:27.2mm alloy
Pedals Included :Wellgo Alloy
Tires :700x23c
Model number :A796201610437-P
Manufacturer :State Bicycle Co.


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“What we liked :”

  • Easy transition between fixed gear and freewheel mode
  • The bike has a lightweight frameset
  • Durable, made of high-quality tensile steel frames
  • The bike comes with rear and front brakes
  • The fixie is fully customizable

What we didn’t like

  • The saddle may be a bit uncomfortable for some

This classy fixie bicycle is made with durability convenience and speed in mind. Additionally, it is a beauty to look at. The paint job is an eye catcher plus the deep V 43mm wheelset is also as attractive to look at.

The bike is made of a lightweight Chromoly with drop out spacing.  The wheels are made of Aluminum. The stem, on the other hand, is an alloy with a bar clamp of 26mm diameters.  The bars are also made of an Aluminum alloy and have been sealed with tape for that extra grip. Pedals are from Wellgo, aluminum with toe cages. The saddle is made of synthetic leather and has steel rails. This without a doubt is a well-constructed bike.

Versatility is another virtue of this fixie. This means that you are able to replace or add on some parts of the bike to make it reflect whom you are. State Bicycle Co. has made it possible for you to customize your bike completely. You have a choice of at least a dozen models to choose from. You can also customize your handlebars by selecting from drop bars, pursuit, bullhorns, riser bars, and pista bars. Additionally, you have five sizes to choose from, no matter your size, there is something for you.

The bike itself is extremely lightweight as it is made mostly of aluminum and its alloy. This makes it easy to move around. However, most importantly, it gives you the ability to gain some serious speeds as you move. The fixie also has two brakes, a front, and rear braking system ensures that your safety while riding is paramount.

A flip flop has been fixed at the wheelset with both a freewheel and a fixed cog installed on either side. This meant that you can easily change from fixed gear mode to freewheel mode. It gives you the option of coasting in the freewheel mode.

Durability is paramount that is why the State Bicycle Co. used the resilient 4130 Chromoly in the construction of the frame and the fork of this fixie bike. Chromoly, which is a premium steel alloy is not only strong but also extremely shock and vibration resistant. Forged aluminum has been used to make the crankset, it is paired to a bottom bracket that is sealed to keep away any moisture or dirt. This further enhances the durability of the bike.

#10: Takara Renzo Fixie Bike”


Shipping Weight:35.6 pounds
Other :Alloy Rims with Alloy Hub
Model no :32718
Manufacturer :Takara


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“What we liked :”

  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable frame to last long
  • It has an attractive, stylish look
  • The seat is comfortably padded
  • The bike has an ergonomic aluminum frame
  • Removable brakes

“What we didn’t like :”

  • The seat may need regular tightening
  • Comes in one size only

The Takara Renzo Bike is strong and stable. It is a stylish fixie bike that is extremely resilient. It is stylish because the design of the bike is made to resemble a mountain bike. Extra thick tubes add on to make the fixie pleasing to the eyes.

The bike frame itself is made of a sturdy Aluminum frame that is capable of enduring long time use. The extra thick tubes on the bike go a long way in ensuring you get the stability you need. The bikes rims hubs and side pull brakes are made of alloy which is quite durable.  And yes, it is bound to last you a long time and give you good service.

The Takara Renzo comes with dual brakes one at the front and one at the rear making stopping easy peasy. The side pull brakes are made of alloy. With these brakes, you can easily come to a stop whenever necessary. Making that sudden stop just before you bump into your neighbor is now easy. Friendly neighborliness is still an option for you.

The Kenda tires have the ability to withstand more than the gentle road surfaces because of their resilience. Not only are the tires bigger than most average bikes but they also have a tread to provide you with the extra grip on the road. With the 32-hole dish wheels, riding around is comfortable and safe. The 700 x 32 tires cover a greater area on track giving you better road hold and better safety.

Versatility in this bike comes in the form of easily transforming from freewheel riding to the fixed gear mode. The choice is yours, whichever way you would like to ride it. The bike comes in a universal fitting size of 56cm. this means that it is versatile enough to fit most users.

Comfort is the middle name of this Takara fixie road bicycle. To begin with, the bikes aluminum frame is ergonomically designed this means that it is made with the human form in mind. The design is made to cater for the most comfortable position of your body. The mountain bike stature makes one comfortable as they ride. The handlebars are of a bull horn style and are tapered for aesthetics as well as comfort. Further, the bike comes with a Vitesse saddle that is plushy padded. This greatly improved comfort as the padding absorbs any shock that may travel up the frame of the bike.

“Things to consider when buying a Fixed Wheel Bike”

Buying a fixie is not just about purchasing the first one you see on-net, or just because you think it looks cute. There are several considerations that you need to keep in mind before making a purchase. But do not fret, we got your back. Here is what you need to look into before buying your fixie.

“Frame material”

Make sure that you select a long lasting durable frame material that will last you a long time. There are a few choices in the market as yet. Aluminum though lightweight is very stiff but prone to easily dent. Steel is considered to be durable and inexpensive, however, it is quite weighty. Titanium offers a blend of some of the best qualities. It is light in weight as compared to others, its comfort of use is comparable to carbon and it is quite durable. The downside is that it is costly. Hi-ten is relatively less expensive but does not last as long. Chromoly steel, on the other hand, is longer lasting. Carbon is durable comfortable and versatile

“Skill level”

This is a major consideration in the purchase of a fixed gear bike. Typically, fixies are very tricky to use for new time users. In fact, even the seasoned bikers may sometimes have a hard time when first riding a fixie. As a new rider, you may want to get a fixie with an option of running on freewheel. This means a bike with a flip- flop hub which will give you an option to change between fixed gear and freewheel modes.


How customizable is the bike? Should be the question to ask yourself. Most people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to personal items like bicycles. You may want to look for a bike that can be customized to say who you are. Most bikes come with customizable options, some partial others fully. From changing frame colors, handlebars to extra add-ons, disc wheels, flat bars, motorcycle grips, you are spoilt for choice.


This has absolutely nothing to do with size. This is the distances and angles between key points on your bike e.g. wheels, top and head tubes, center of bottom etc. however the most important points to first consider are the reach and the stack. The reach is how far from the bottom bracket the handlebars are and the stack is how high your handlebars are from the bottom bracket. The saddle is relatively easy to get into position in relation to the pedals. It is much harder to adjust your handlebars. If improperly done it will adversely affect how your bike performs.


This will greatly depend on your body. Some fixie bikes come in one size only. Others, however, come in up to five different sizes depending on body size/height. Consider selecting a fixie that is well suited for your body height. This will make riding more comfortable and less tiring. The wrong bike size will cause you to either bend too much or try to stretch too much just to cycle. This may cause tiredness or even muscle injury.  Consider the crank length, correct head tube size {shorter for racing, taller for comfort riding}, stem length, saddle height {fore, and aft} and width of the handlebars should be in tandem with your shoulder width.


A fixed gear bike is a versatile bike that can serve many purposes. That being said, consider why you are buying the fixie in the first place. Is it a stunt bike, will you use if for courier services, is it a race bike or simply a leisure bike? These will greatly determine the type of fixie you will purchase


The bike is made up of several components that make the bike whole. Selecting one that has durable components is the key to getting value for money. To begin with, consider a bike with a sturdy wheelset with sealed hubs. Look at the components, are they long lasting, are they made by reputable brand names. The higher quality the components, the more durable the bike.


Last but not least, does cost what you can afford to pay. If not, look for another option. If yes then go on get yourself a fixie, (hopefully from our wonderful collection).

“Frequently asked Questions”

“What is the difference between a Single speed bike and Fixed gear?”

Ans: A single speed bike also referred to as freewheel entails riding with just a single gear, on the other hand, a fixed gear bike has just one cog that constantly rotates along with the pedals. This means that when you start moving you cannot stop pedaling. Coasting is not possible in this case. In single speed, you can coast. This gives a leeway to relax while biking.

“Q. How do I get the perfect bike for my size?”

Ans: Please refer to the bike sizing chart to get the best fit for you. As a rule of thumb though, if you don’t get the perfect size, it’s better to get a slightly smaller bike than a bigger size. The bike components e.g. seat post can be adjusted to make the fitting right. However, ensure you have a clearance of at least an inch between your crotch and the top tube of the bike.

“Q. Can a fixed gear bike Coast?”

Ans: Unfortunately, No. this is because the fixed gear mode does not have a freewheel mechanism.

“Q. What is a Flip-flop hub?”

Ans: These are rear hubs on both sides of the bike that allow you to change from fixed gear mode to freewheel mode. They can either be two fixed gear hubs on both sides or alternatively a fixed gear hub or freewheel hub on either side.

“Final verdict”

Now that you are ready to get a fixie bicycle, do not hesitate to peruse through our awesome collection. We hope that this review has given you all the information that you need to make an informed choice when selecting a fixie.

We have considered the fact that everyone has a unique taste when it comes to purchasing personal items, bikes included, so look at your personal preferences. We have the best fixie bikes that there are in the market, tried tested and proven, just for you. Call us or drop us a line if you have any queries. We are always happy to be of help. Remember the safety rules when cycling, and don’t forget your helmet.

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