How to clean weed killer out of sprayer

I love gardening as much as I hate the weeds killing my plants. So, every now and then, I apply herbicides to wipe out all unwanted weeds from my garden. This brings the use of a powerful sprayer to apply the weed killer perfectly. However, cleaning the sprayer for the next use is a daunting task. So, I decided to share my experience on how to clean weed killer out of sprayer. I hope, this will make your task of cleaning weed killer out of sprayer lot easier.

“Step by step Guide – How to clean weed killer out of sprayer”

Usually, cleaning weed killer out of sprayer tanks has two integrated parts. These are described step by step for your clarification.

“Empty the tank”

Whenever you use weed killer, you should make the tank empty fully before you start cleaning it. You might apply any of the following tricks to empty the sprayer tank.

“Finish the herbicide:”

It requires a bit of pre-plan from your part. Before filling your sprayer with weed killer, estimate the amount of herbicides you need to cover your garden or farm. If you still see that there is liquid left in the tank, spray them for the 2nd time. There’s absolutely no harm in it as most herbicides are allowed to spray twice for better result.

“Disposing liquid:”

However, if you still find liquids left in the sprayer, you need to dispose of the leftover with care so that it doesn’t cause harm to the environment. You might do-

  1. Put the leftover liquids from your sprayer to a plastic or glass container and seal it tightly. Then dispose of it at your convenient time.
  2. Additionally, you might spray the unused chemical into a gravel parking lot so that it can be transported to a disposal area later. Remember to spray the chemical away from the center and near to a fence.


“Cleaning the sprayer:”

After emptying the tank, start cleaning your sprayer without any delay to stop the weed killer sit overnight. The steps of cleaning the sprayer –

“Examine the label:”

Carefully examine the label to see if there are any special instructions to clear the herbicide chemical on the label. If you find one, follow the direction.

“Safety comes first:”

As you start cleaning the weed killer out of the sprayer, always wear proper safety gear. This might include a pair of rubber gloves and protecting goggles.

“Flushing the sprayer:”

Use hot water to flash the sprayer tank and outside parts of it. Take hot water up to the half-portion of the sprayer and thoroughly squirt it to dilute it with the liquid. Then, throw away the water near to the weed killer applied area because this contains the almost same level of chemicals.

If you wish to apply the same weed killer on the next day, you might store the sprayer but if you are not going to use the weed killer, follow the next few steps to clean your sprayer thoroughly.

“Use Ammonia based cleaning solution:”

Ammonia is a trusted and widely used weed killer solution. But some specific herbicides require special ammonia solutions, so read the instructions clearly. Mix around 30-35ml of ammonia with 3.5 liters of water to prepare the cleaning solution. Then, fill the tank and flash thoroughly several times to clean the nozzle and wand of the sprayer.

“Resting overnight:”

After spraying the ammonia solution to clean the wand and nozzle, again fill-up the sprayer tank with the same solution. Then, keep it in a safe place to rest overnight. It will allow the solution to work with the weed killer residue to rinse it thoroughly.

“Spraying the solution:”

On the next day, spray the solution at a safe place, most likely close to the previously applied area. As it might contain harmful chemicals, spray it away from children and water sources. Spray until the sprayer is fully emptied.

“Use hot water:”

Fill-up the reservoir tank of the sprayer with hot water for the 2nd time and flash it thoroughly. It allows rinsing the residue if there is any. Then, spray it to empty the sprayer. It also cleans the hose of the sprayer.

“Clean the smaller parts:”

Lastly, focus on cleaning the smaller parts like the wand and nozzle of the sprayer. You might use detergent or soap to formulate a cleaning solution. Apply it with an old toothbrush all over the sprayer and clean it with cold water.


And, before storing the sprayer in a safe place, rinse it properly with a used cloth to ensure that there is no chemical residue left on and in the sprayer.

“Final Words”

I hope, these steps will help you clean out weed killer from your sprayer effectively. Remember that cleaning and storing your gardening tools will ensure the longevity of them and keep you happy and smiling!

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