How to Measure for a Barn Door

Burn door size depends on its owner’s choice. If you have enough space and like much privacy, you can select a larger barn door.

If you decide to install a barn door, you need to know how to measure for a barn door.

To measure your barn door, you can follow different steps:

  • Barn door opening measurement
  • Measuring the barn door’s width
  • Measuring the track
  • Measuring doorway with moulding
  • Measuring doorway without moulding


“You may get the idea here”

“Barn door opening measurement:”

You need to be conscious of barn door opening vs. opening measure while making your choice. A sliding barn door is a simple functional door. Generally, the burn door is sliding outward.

The understanding factor on the barn door depends on the size and the space you want to overlap the opening. Your door width needs to be 2 or 3 inches wider than door opening and 1 inch greater than the dimension of your opening. The realizing factor depends on the height and width of your barn door. It also depends on how much your barn sliding door to overlap with the opening. If your sliding door is in a room where you wish to get more privacy, you need to create more overlap for preventing noise leakage and borderline gaps.

“For the door width:”

Your next pace is to calculate the door opening width, beginning from the inner side of the finished door surface of a doorway on one side to the inside border on the second side. Repeat the steps to get the height; calculating from the border of the door header all the way down to the peak of flooring.  You need to add a few inches with this measurement. Add 6 inches or more and this will add with total measurement. Actually the width of the barn door depends on how much space do you available.

To measure the size of the track you have: At first take the measurement of the door and then multiply it by 2; it will be the range of your required track size. The track is two times longer than the door size. If you have extra space you can use this track.

“Measuring doorway with mouldings:”

  • Calculate from the outside border of the vertical doorway moulding to the outside border of the counter vertical doorway moulding.
  • Calculate from the floor to the outside border of the moulding on the peak doorway.
  • Deduct half from the length. This will ensure that the door will have clearance to slide move in and outward without any interference from the floor.
  • “Measuring doorway without mouldings:”
  • Calculate from the vertical border of the doorway to the vertical counter border. You need to add 2 inches in both side total width of the door area. As a result doorway width will be increased and covered by the door.
  • Measure from the floor to the border of the peak of the doorway.

This is the lowest coverage for the doorway. You make a larger doorway if you desired.

“For the door height:”

First you have to decide where you will want the track organized. You can organize it on the middle point of celling and top of the doorway. Calculate from there to the floor for your door top. Generally, many people want the sliding barn door to be only 1 inch or larger than the top of the opening.

“Make Allowance for the door hardware:”

After measuring your barn you have to measure the hardware of your barn door. Always keep in mind that the barn door railing system should be at least double the width than the door frame. If your barn door’s shape is odd, the door frame should be longer. For example: If the doorway is 35” inches your track should be at least 70” inches. The barn door may create a little bit noise for its below standard. You need to change this hardware for better service.

“Know your clearance:”

Finally, calculate the way from the peak of the door frame or gateway of the ceiling. That’s the prime steps for successfully measure a barn door track. If you’re setting a door on the exit way that has lower ceilings, knowing the space will help you make a clearance at the time of the barn door installation.

The barn door can serve, especially when a common door is unable to fit in a location.

While designing your barn door, you should bear in mind that the back side of the barn door will show you completely a separate design while keeping it close. The back side design depends mainly on how much your door is confined. You may add any decorative item or crossbar to the behind of the barn door.

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