Portacool Cyclone 2000 Review

Have you been looking for a convenient way to give your room or office a cool breeze? An evaporative cooler will be good for you. Probably you have never heard about an evaporative cooler and you are wondering what it is all about.

Evaporative coolers are used to channel natural cool air flow into environments with high temperatures. Mostly, the units are very useful to people living in environments with low humidity levels and unusually high temperatures. Getting the right evaporative cooler for your cooling needs is not easy especially if you are not well versed with air cooling equipment. For that reason, we bring you a review of one of the best evaporative coolers in the market; the port a cool cyclone 2000. We begin with a quick look of its top specification in the table below.

“Details Of Portacool Cyclone 2000”



Water Capacity:10 gallon
Voltage:110 watts
Dimensions :25 x 24 x 31 inches
Power source:Corded-electric
Other Features:2.5 a total amp, 1600-2000 cfm air flow speed, energy efficiency, environment friendly, adjustable louvers, long-term service.

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“Review Points of the Portacool Cyclone 2000 Review”

Below we will get to a detailed discussion of the outstanding features that make this evaporative great for cooling purposes. The review will help make an informed decision the moment you feel it’s time to give your room or workshop a healthy cool environment.


Though the smallest of the Port-A-Cool units, the portacool 2000 does not compromise on power and performance. It is able to deliver up to 200cfm air flow thus having the capacity of supplying 500 square rooms with 30 degrees of cooler air. Moreover, its polyethylene make up material is rust-free and leakproof in turn making the equipment outstandingly durable.


Are you looking for an evaporative cooler that won’t give you the trouble of putting it together? Unlike most other evaporative coolers that require you to do the assembling, the portacool 2000 comes ready to be used right out of the box. All you will need to do is set up the water supply and plug the unit into a power source.

“Water Tank”

This evaporative cooler comes with a large capacity tank of 10 gallons that is able to provide 6 hours of continuous air flow. Anytime you need to refill the tank you can do it manually and you can always do it using tap water as long as the water piped to your region is pure and without contaminants. Also, with the water indicator that’s featured along you are able to view the unit’s water level and determine when a refill is needed. Note that the tank can be refilled manually or using the horse power; you get to choose what works best for you.


Most evaporative coolers have the mobility feature to enable the user move them from one place to another conveniently. To enable you move it comfortably, the unit comes with heavy-duty casters that enable you to carry it with ease.

“Attractive Finish”

If you are that one person that really cares about the elegance of their environment, in this evaporative cooler you have a great choice. The portacool 2000 is designed with an attractive black finish that makes it blend in well with your home decorations. This way your home or office won’t look odd once you introduce this equipment to your room.

“Energy Effective”

Compared to other traditional air-cooling systems that cost so much on energy, the portacool 2000 evaporative cooler saves much on energy with 110watt energy consumption. This way you get a convenient cooling system without having to break the bank.

“Environment Friendly”

While looking for an air conditioner you need to get the type that’s environment friendly for responsible air cooling in your home. The port a cool cyclone 2000 uses only tap water with no chemicals or refrigerants to provide cool air, which in turn makes it environmentally conducive.


This is the kind of evaporative cooler that won’t require you to get a technician every now and then to keep in good condition. All you need to do to keep the cooler properly maintained is to ensure that it stays free from dust and debris. Note that with proper maintenance, this evaporative cooler will serve you for a satisfactory long time.


Having a limited space at home or in the office is not an excuse to endure uncomfortably hot temperatures. This port a cool cyclone 2000 is compact and doesn’t take much of your space thus very suitable in such instances.

“Centrifugal air Supply”

For an enhanced performance, this cooler features a centrifugal air supply that eliminates the need for a fan blade.

“Flow control Valve”

If you have used an evaporative cooler before, you already know that there are times you will need to regulate water flow. This normally is done depending on whether the pads are wet or dry. This Portacool cooler comes with a flow control valve that allows you to make these adjustments depending on the condition of the pad. To increase the water flow you should turn the valve left and the opposite direction if you need to decrease the level. Precisely, less water is normally needed in areas with high humidity.

“Top Features”

  • Energy Efficient
  • Black attractive finish
  • 10-gallon water tank
  • No assembly required
  • Smaller footprint
  • Long-term use
  • Environment friendly
  • Centrifugal air supply
  • Tough polyethylene make up material

“What we liked :”

  • With this evaporative cooler you don’t need to do the assembling or even hire a technician for the job. It comes assembled and ready to use right from the box.
  • Without the use of chemicals and refrigeration in air cooling, the equipment is pretty environment friendly.
  • It consumes 110 watts of energy thus being a very economical cooling system compared to the old-fashioned air conditioning systems.
  • Constructed with a rust-free durable polyethylene material, this cooling system is able to withstand tough outdoor cooling jobs.
  • It comes with a 10-gallon humongous water tank that allows the unit to run for 6 hours without the need for a refill.
  • The evaporative cooler has the capability of cooling 500 square meter rooms to as low as 30 degrees.
  • The unit allows you to move it around without much effort thanks to the heavy duty casters that are designed along.
  • It uses the regular tap water so you won’t have trouble trying to source refilling water for the cooler unit.
  • The unit is user-friendly, easy to clean and can also be used together with an air conditioner for maximum cooling results.

“What we didn’t like :”

  • It is loud and wouldn’t be so convenient for anyone living in a studio apartment.

“Frequently Questions and Answers”

“Q: Can I use this equipment indoors, is it too noisy?”

Ans: Yes it can be used for indoor cooling purposes but it is moderately noisy thus it may be a bit of a disturbance to your neighbors.

“Q. I do most of my work outdoors. Will the unit be useful in keeping my work area cool?”

Ans: Yes, it helps in this case but you should not have the expectations of having the results of an air conditioner. Also, the unit has wheels that will enable you to move it easily during your indoor activities.

“Q. Does the 10 gallon water tank last for six hours as indicated by the manufacturer?”

Ans: Yes the 10 gallons of water can run for 6 hours but also don’t forget that this may vary depending on where you are at and the temperatures in the region.

“Q. What’s the make-up material of this evaporate cooler? I need one that won’t face wear and tear because I will be mostly using it at the back yard.”

Ans: It is made of rust-free durable polyethylene material that’s sturdy enough to withstand any kind of tough cooling environment.

Whether you need an evaporate cooler for your home or some small party in the yard, this port a cool cyclone 2000 will be a great choice for you. From the above review, it is evident that this cooler delivers a great performance and it never disappoints when it comes to providing a cool environment in hot areas. If you own a patio, small workshop or a Porsche; don’t hesitate getting this port a cool cyclone 2000 at your favorite store. Besides, it also works as a great alternative in delivering a cool atmosphere in areas where the traditional air cooling systems won’t work.

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