How To Finish A Garage Door Opening? [Easy Methods]

Mr. Robert was having a problem with the opening of his garage door. The lumber of his garage door is still not added to the jambs.

Thus, Robert needs to follow the rough opening process, which makes him confused. You may face the same problem as Mr. Robert.

Determine the frame size of the garage door is an essential thing for the rough opening. This is the main reason people always get confused thinking about how to finish a garage door opening.

How To Finish A Garage Door Opening

A perfect measurement skill is a must to complete the task correctly. However, read this content till the end; we hope you will get your possible solution.

How To Finish A Garage Door Opening- A Complete Guide

How to Finish a Garage Door Opening A Complete Guide

You have to follow some steps to finish the garage door opening. In the full working time, you have to be focused. Focused work will make it perfect. The main thing you have to focus on the size of the garage door and the frame.

Before starting works, you have to calculate the possible cost. It would ensure you finish the work properly. You will be able to manage the initial fund before starting. Also, you need to arrange all the necessary things.

Estimated Cost

Estimated Cost 6

When you are going to open a new garage door, the cost can vary from $300 to $1500. The cost usually varies as the variation of the size of your garage door. Cost also depends on the type of door.

On the other hand, an average garage entryway opening can require an expense between $500 to $800.

Time Needed

Time Needed 4

Though the working hour depends on your expertise and also the number of people working. However, finishing a garage door can take three to four hours for an expert hand.

If you are doing it with your inexpert hands, it may take an entire day.

Necessary Things

Necessary Things

Before starting the work, you have to gather the necessaries. You will need:

Tools: A tape measure, a bandsaw

Materials: Lumber (2/6 inches), PVC garage door jambs, framing nails

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Steps To Finish Garage Door Opening

Steps to Finish Garage Door Opening

Step-1: Measure the Frame

Step 1 Measure the Frame

The first thing you have to do is select the size of the rough opening. It ought to be bigger than the size of the edge. 

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In that case, you have to pick 3 inches wider rough opening. Besides, the height of the rough opening header has to be 1.5 inches longer than the height of the garage entryway.

Step-2: Installing The Lumber

Step 2 Installing The Lumber

After you have finished measuring correctly, now turn to the installation. In this step, you will need the framing nails and the PVC lumber. There are two sides of the door, and you have to install a side jamb and head jamb.

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However, the head jamb is to be installed first. For this task, follow the instructions below:

  • Pick a 9 inches long header than the horizontal length of the door. Thus, it will fit the door perfectly.
  • Once you measure the size, cut the PVC lumber or the jamb accordingly.
  • Pick the framing nails and use them to attach the header.

Here, the thickness of the lumber should cover the area between the rough opening and the height of the garage door.

Step-3: Installation of Goal Post

Step 3 Installation of Goal Post

At this point, you have to measure the height of the header from top to bottom. You have to attach two frames referred to as “goal post” on the wall according to this measurement. Thus, taking a perfect measurement of the ceiling height is essential.

Now pick the framing nails again to attach the goalposts. You have to attach it to the inner face of the garage wall.

Step-4: Installation of the Side Jambs

Step 4 Installation of the Side Jambs

Now, you need to cut the lumber into two pieces, the same as the new opening height. The height of these jambs must be one-fourth of an inch less than the garage door. This is because these jambs will hit the header jamb you have already installed.

You have to use the framing nails again for attaching. Once you are done with this, the door opening will get its perfect dimension. 

Step-5: Centre Bracket Framing

Step 5 Centre Bracket Framing

Here you need to measure the space between the top headers at the ceiling. Now, you have to center it above a header and so cut a lumber piece the same as the measured space.

This piece of framing is vital to attach the bracket framing to the spring system of the garage door.

All Done!

All Done

Did you just finish step-5? Then your garage door is ready. All these steps described here are the process following which you can finish a garage door opening.

Tips For Framing

Tips for Framing

Framing is the most crucial part of the whole working process. You have to be careful while framing the garage door. Here are some tips for you:

  • While installing the head and side jamb, you must wait will the wall is in the right place for it.
  • You can leave the side jamb in the one-forth inch above the floor. It will help to prevent dampness and rot.
  • It would help if you chose the header height according to the thickness of your material.
  • Treated lumber can create rust on steel and make holes in aluminum. So, never use such lumber in your garage door.
  • While installing the side jambs, we will recommend using a double-sided jamb. It will help to support the weight perfectly. I will assist with support the weight impeccably.



When you are going to do the task all by yourself, you must be focused. You may not find how to finish a garage door opening a tough task. Still, being careful is the precondition of such work. Otherwise, you may get injured.

Besides, you must be familiar with the materials you have to use in this work. It is not a good decision to start working with something without knowing its operation.

Final Words

We have to try to give a solution how to finish a garage door opener for Mr. Robert and to you. We hope you find the content helpful. Now, it’s time to arrange the fund and start working.

However, we will suggest you not do it by yourself. It may save money, but when you do the finishing work by an expert, it will be a better thing for your garage.

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