Dewalt 20v Batteries Interchangeable With Black And Decker?

Imagine you have a Dewalt power tool. You also have the batteries and a charger for the tool. But for some reason, you don’t use your Dewalt power tool much. 

Out of nowhere, you may think, why not use the Dewalt batteries on my Black and Decker power tools? Because both the Dewalt batteries and Black and Decker batteries look pretty similar and also from the same parent company. 

Well, there are some issues with your idea. If you really could do that, wouldn’t there be a drop of the sale in the Dewalt batteries? 

Don’t think much. We have all the information about whether you can interchange Dewalt batteries with Black and Decker in this guide. 

Read on to get all of it. 

Dewalt 20v Batteries

Dewalt batteries are now in a lot of packs. But you will see primarily three types of Dewalt batteries. 12V, 20V, and 60V. Well, there are some exceptions where Dewalt power tools require even 120V. 

As there is no 120V battery, you will need two 60V batteries in that situation. 

Leave all of that. What does a Dewalt 20V battery do? You can use the Dewalt 20 battery in a power tool that requires the same. But can you use other 20V batteries in a Dewalt power tool? We are going to answer this question later. You have to wait a little more. 

Black and Decker Batteries

Here is an interesting fact. Black and Decker own the Dewalt Company. Seems surprising, right? You have always seen great reviews about Dewalt power tools and batteries. 

Although the same thing does not go with Black and Decker power tools, you cannot say they are trash products. 

Then how could Black and Decker own Dewalt? 

In 1960, Black and Decker acquired Dewalt. They acquired to progress their business further. Don’t worry. We are not going to discuss business-related topics here. 

Black and Decker’s batteries are not either excellent or very bad. The same goes for Black and Decker power tools. If you are not going to do the heavy tasks, B&D may be the best bet for you. 

Are Dewalt 20v Batteries Interchangeable With Black and Decker? Explained

To simply put, no. But why? Why can’t you use Dewalt 20v batteries in a Black and Decker power tool? Both the 20V batteries look pretty similar. Then why not? 

Here are the reasons why you cannot interchange Dewalt 20V batteries with Black and Decker. 

  1. The Connectors Are Different

Yes. Even though both the batteries look pretty similar, you have to carefully look to find this difference. There are 5 slots in a Dewalt battery. But if you see the Black and Decker batteries, there are only 4. 

For this reason, you cannot simply just interchange the Dewalt 20V batteries with Black and Decker. The batteries won’t fit power tools different than their brands. 

  1. You May Damage The Power Tool

As the connectors are different, the batteries won’t fit in other brands’ power tools. By doing this, you may even damage the power tool. This is another concern of yours while interchanging Dewalt 20V batteries with Black and Decker. 

Will it be worth it? Surely not. If you try to use Dewalt batteries in a Black and Decker power tool, most likely, you are going to damage the Black and Decker power tool. 

And the same thing will probably happen if you want to do vice versa. This is a terrible idea. Why damage a premium Dewalt power tool just for the sake of saving a little amount of money? 

At the end of the day, you may even end up damaging your favorite Dewalt power tool. And who even does that? We won’t do that. Will you? 

  1. You May Ruin the Battery

This will probably be the most common outcome if you try to interchange Dewalt 20V batteries with Black and Decker. If you try to use Dewalt 20V batteries on your Black and Decker tools, what will happen? 

There are no electronics in a Dewalt battery because the necessary electronics are present in the Dewalt power tools. What will be the outcome then? 

The worst of the outcomes is the moment you put the Dewalt battery in a Black and Decker power tool. The battery will get damaged. Hence, we don’t recommend doing it at all. 

  1. You may Endanger Your Safety

The outcome may even be an accident if you try to interchange a Dewalt 20V battery with a Black and Decker. 

What happens when you play with electricity without proper knowledge? Accidents. Short circuits, fire, and shocks are the most common ones. 

You may endanger yourself if you try to use Dewalt batteries on a Black and Decker power tool. Why risk the safety only for a few bucks? 

Is it worth it? Hell, no!

  1. The Business Policy

Yes, you heard it right. You can’t interchange Dewalt batteries with Black and Decker for this reason also. If you could do that, would you go for a Dewalt battery for once? The answer is very simple. No. 

Users and critics consider Dewalt as a very high-quality brand in terms of power tools. To power the cordless Dewalt power tools, you have to use the required batteries. 

Selling batteries are one of the best ways to make profits from cordless tools. If you can just go and use a Black and Decker battery in a Dewalt power tool, what is the point of manufacturing Dewalt batteries then? 

What Batteries are Compatible with Dewalt 20V?

Now coming to our next question, is there any battery that is compatible with Dewalt 20V? 

You may become surprised to hear this, yes. There is one. In 2016, Dewalt released the Flexvolt platform. What is the Flexvot platform, anyway? 

See the name ‘Flexvolt’ carefully. If we divide the word, we will get two words- ‘flex’ and ‘volt.’ We can conclude that this name means flexible voltage. 

You can use the Flexvolt battery on various power tools. If it is necessary, the battery can go down to cope up with lower voltages. 

For example, you have a powerful tool that requires a 20V battery. And you have a 60V Flexvolt battery. In this case, the Flexvolt battery will go down to work as a 20V battery to run the power tool. Sounds amazing, right? 

Apart from the Flexvolt batteries, we haven’t found any other batteries that are compatible with Dewalt batteries. Well, if you have Flexvolt in hand, is it even necessary to find more alternatives? 

What to Do in Emergencies?

By doing some research, we have found two secret ways to interchange Dewalt 20V batteries with Black and Decker. Well, as these ways are not conventional, we recommend using them only for emergencies. 

  1. Use a Dremmel in Order to Cut Notches

As the connectors are not similar and the battery won’t fit in other brands’ power tools, you have to cut the notches. In this way, you can make it right. 

After cutting the notches of your Black and Decker battery with a Dremmel, you can make it compatible with Dewalt batteries and use it on a Dewalt tool. 

  1. Use Adapters

There is another way to make a Black and Decker battery compatible with a Dewalt battery and vice versa. 

There are battery adapters in the market. By using them, you will be able to use a Dewalt battery on a Black and Decker power tool and the reverse. 


The rule of thumb of surviving is not to risk anything unless you are in an emergency. There can be plenty of issues if you try to interchange Dewalt 20V batteries with Black and Decker. 

There are some ways with that you can interchange the batteries. But they come with risks. They may work or may not. Is it worth taking risks? We don’t think so. 

Use the right fit batteries for your power tool and keep everything healthy. Have a good day.

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