How To Wire A Motion Sensor To Multiple Lights In 5 Steps

How To Wire A Motion Sensor To Multiple Lights

Do you have a dark corner or hallway that needs extra light during the night? Maybe you have a guest bedroom that needs some light to help you get ready in the morning. Whatever the reason, wiring a motion sensor to multiple lights is a great way to add light where it’s needed most. This … Read more

How To Drive A Ground Rod In Rocky Soil? [Tips That Will Work]

How To Drive a Ground Rod in Rocky Soil

A ground rod is a simple, inexpensive tool that is fundamental for the protection and safety of your electrical system. They protect your building and electric equipment and ensure the proper function of your electrical system. A ground rod usually needs to be located near your main electrical panel. Installing a ground rod in rocky … Read more

How To Finish A Garage Door Opening? [Easy Methods]

How To Finish A Garage Door Opening

Mr. Robert was having a problem with the opening of his garage door. The lumber of his garage door is still not added to the jambs. Thus, Robert needs to follow the rough opening process, which makes him confused. You may face the same problem as Mr. Robert. Determine the frame size of the garage … Read more

How To Install Floor Pans Without Welding If You’re Not Dab In It [Guideline]

How To Install Floor Pans Without Welding

Installing the floor pans of your car is quite expensive if you repair it by welding. I said it was costly because it was pretty expensive, up to $1500 minimum.  Fortunately, we’re given thanks to the modern technology in which you can install your car floor pans without welding. Hence, it’s not necessary to change … Read more