Air Compressor Tank Accessories

Air Compressor Tank Accessories: A Simple Guide

There are countless air compressor accessories available in the market. While some accessories are useful, many are just for show. But when you’re out to buy accessories for your air compressor, it shouldn’t be a case of ‘pretty = good’ but ‘good = pretty’.

This is because every accessory has a specific function and every function plays an integral part in the overall performance of an air compressor. We’ll cover all you need to know about air compressor tank accessories – from their benefits to how to pick the right one for your air compressor. But before getting into that, let’s have a look at what air compressor tank accessories are and why they are essential.

Air Compressor Tank Accessories

What Are Air Compressor Tank Accessories?

What Are Air Compressor Tank Accessories

Air compressor tank accessories are an essential part of a compressor’s operation and are designed to work seamlessly with the maximum performance on-board compressors. These essential accessories help optimize air output and reduce the risk of damage during use.

Some of the prominent Air Compressor Tank Accessories include Anti Vibration Pads, Gauges, Safety Relief Valves, Ball Valves, and Electronic Timer Drain. These accessories help prevent damage to the compressor during operation and ensure optimized performance.

In addition to that, ARB’s onboard compressors feature larger sizes and higher pressures than other brands. This necessitates the need for additional accessories. Besides, stainless steel valves or higher flows may also require additional items. A number of accessories for onboard compressors come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and specifications. Hence, you can find one that suits your needs and requirements.

Air Compressor Tank Accessories

Air Compressor Tank Accessories

Attaching accessories to your air compressor tank can make it easier to use and increase the efficiency of your air pump. Some accessories include air line adapters, fittings, gauges, hoses, and valves. Choosing the right accessory for your air compressor can make all the difference in the performance and efficiency of your unit. Have a look at some of our top picks for the best air compressor tank accessories.

  • Air Line Adapters: Air line adapters allow you to connect various types of hoses or tubing to your air compressor tank. This helps you customize the output of your machine to fit specific applications.
  • Fittings: Fittings are used to connect various sizes and types of tubing or hose to an air line adapter or another fitting on an air compressor tank. They come in different styles and materials for varying applications.
  • Gauges: Gauges are used to measure pressure within an indoor or outdoor system and indicate the reading on a digital display or gauge. They can be mounted on tanks using suction cups or clamps.
  • Hoses: Hoses are used to transfer pressurized air from one point to another within a system or between systems. They are typically made of durable materials such as rubber or plastic that withstand wear and tear well.
  • Valve Stems: Valve stems allow you to adjust the flow rate of compressed air through a valve by inserting them into various fittings connected to the valve body orifice.
  • Tanks: Tanks are large containers designed specifically for storing compressed air. They come in various sizes and shapes depending on your specific needs.

Benefits Of Using Air Compressor Tank Accessories

Benefits Of Using Air Compressor Tank Accessories

Air compressor accessories help keep your air compressor running smoothly and efficiently. They can improve SCFM output, assure longer compressor life, and enhance performance. Air compressor tank accessories offer a number of benefits, which include:

  1. Reduction in Risk – When using air compressor tank accessories, you reduce the risk of damage to the compressor and optimize performance. This minimizes downtime for repairs and reduces costs associated with such repairs.
  2. Increased Safety – Air compressor tank accessory installation results in increased safety for both operators and bystanders as it ensures optimal performance without any interference or danger. In addition to that, these accessories help prevent accidental starts or overloads that could lead to injuries or worse outcomes .
  3. Enhances Efficiency – Air compressor tank accessories improve air output and reduce the time it takes to fill a tank or deliver air pressure. This helps optimize workflow and save on costs associated with high operating costs.
  4. Increased Capacity – Some of these accessories increase compressor capacity, which can be beneficial for businesses that require large volumes of compressed air per day or week.
  5. Better Performance – In general, Air Compressor Tank Accessories result in better performance from compressors by optimizing airflow and preventing damage to the equipment during operation .

Tips For Choosing The Right Air Compressor Tank Accessory When it comes to choosing air compressor tank accessories, there are many options to choose from. It is important to consider the type of accessory you want to use with your compressor before making a purchase.

In general, there are three types of accessories available for air compressors – pressure regulators, airbags, and air conditioners. Each of these accessories serves a specific purpose and can help improve the performance of your compressor.

A pressure regulator is essential for maintaining consistent pressure levels in air bags and air conditioners. A good quality pressure regulator should be able to maintain pressure levels between 30 and 100 PSI.

You can also consider multipurpose air tanks when purchasing accessories for your compressor. These air tanks expand the capacity of your compressor and make it easier to handle large volumes of air. They also help prevent damage to your compressor when dealing with large amounts of air.

Another accessory worth investing in is an air regulator dial gauge unit. This unit allows you to monitor and set the pressure of tires using a dial gauge instead of valves or gauges on the compressor itself.

An air locker manifold kit is another great accessory for increasing the efficiency of your air supply system. It facilitates the flow of air through multiple nozzles on a tire inflation system without causing any extra backpressure or slowing down the process. By following these tips, you can choose the right accessory for your compressor and enhance its performance and functionality.

How To Pick The Right Air Compressor Tank Accessory?

How To Pick The Right Air Compressor Tank Accessory

Air compressor tank accessories are one of the most important components of air compressor. They ensure that your air compressor stays in peak condition and performs well. However, when it comes to picking an air compressor tank accessory, it is necessary to consider various features such as the brand, material, and sub-type.

It is vital to consider these factors given the different functions they perform. For example, a high-quality air compressor tank accessory can last long and be durable. Besides, a wide range of features helps to expand the compressor’s capacity. Air inflator guns or digital tire gauges can help you check the air pressure inside your vehicle quickly and easily.

With the help of air compressor accessories, you can save money and time as you don’t have to go to the shop every time you need air compressor repair service. Besides, it also prevents issues like damages or breakdowns of your air compressor. Hence, it is essential to invest in quality air compressor accessories that can provide value for money as well as perform their tasks efficiently and effectively.


Air compressor accessory kits can provide you with all the necessary tools for compressor repair and maintenance. Air Locker Manifold Kits are designed to work with ARB’s maximum performance on-board compressors. Individual air compressor accessories are helpful when tackling repairs.

In addition to the function of protecting your air compressor tank, air compressor tank accessories are also essential in ensuring that it performs efficiently and safely. If you’re still not sure which air compressor tank accessory is right for you, we suggest you read our blog on the benefits of air compressor tank accessories.

You can also visit our website for more information on air compressor accessories. We also offer air compressor accessories like air gauge accessories and air hose accessories to ensure that your air compressor works well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Accessories Do I Need With An Air Compressor?

Air compressor accessories are essential for proper operation and maintenance of your air compressor. Possible accessories include air blow guns with brass adjustable air nozzles, retractable air hoses, and airbrush equipment.

How Do I Keep Moisture Out Of My Air Compressor Tank?

To keep moisture out of your air compressor tank, use an air receiver tank accessory like an electronic timer drain to reduce moisture buildup.

How Do I Increase Air Pressure In My Air Tank?

There are a few ways to increase air pressure in your air tank.

Look for air receiver tank accessories such as safety relief valves, ball valves, and electronic timer drains to increase air pressure.
Install an Air Locker Manifold Kit for a working pressure of 150 PSI.
Utilize an Air Pressure Control Unit to set target pressure, connect an air hose, and inflate/deflate pre-set target pressure.

Is It Ok To Leave Air In Compressor Tank?

It is generally not recommended to leave air in a compressor tank for an extended period of time as this can shorten the life of the compressor. You may be able to cure this issue by using anti-vibration pads, safety relief valves, and ball valves that can help “bloat” or slow down the acceleration and deceleration of the compressor.

How Often Should You Drain Water From The Air Storage Tanks?

It is recommended to drain water from air storage tanks regularly in order to avoid the buildup of sediment and corrosion. How often you need to drain water from the tanks depends on a few factors, such as the tank size and pressure specifications.

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