Rooting Strawberry Runners In Water: A Step-By-Step Guide

Gardening enthusiasts know strawberries are among the most popular fruits in their backyard. And while they are relatively easy to care for, propagating them can be tricky.

One way to increase your strawberry harvest is by rooting strawberry runners in water. This step-by-step guide is designed to help you do just that. Rooting strawberry runners is a simple process that involves cutting off a part of an existing plant, placing it in water, and waiting for roots to grow.

Once the roots have grown, you can transfer them to the soil and watch them grow into a new strawberry plant. However, the process requires patience, care, and attention to detail. We will provide you with a step to root strawberry runners in water. We will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this method and provide some on how to care for your newly rooted strawberry plants.

Rooting Strawberry Runners In Water

Preparing The Materials And Tools

Preparing The Materials And Tools

To ensure the successful rooting of strawberry runners in water, it is important to gather and prepare the necessary materials properly. Begin by collecting clean jars, which will serve as containers for the runners.

Additionally, you will need water to fill the jars, providing the necessary medium for root growth. While optional, incorporating a few drops of rooting hormone into the water can aid in developing strong and healthy roots.

Before placing the strawberry runners into the jars, it is crucial to prepare them appropriately. Carefully select healthy and vigorous runners, as these will have a higher likelihood of successful propagation. Trim any damaged or diseased parts of the runners, ensuring that only the best sections are handy for rooting.

Once the materials and strawberry runners are ready, fill the jars with water and add the desired amount of rooting hormone. Gently place the trimmed strawberry runners into the jars, ensuring that the nodes – where the new roots will emerge – are submerged in water. Position the jars in a location that receives indirect sunlight, as this will promote favorable conditions for root growth.

The Rooting Strawberry Runners In Water- 5 Steps

The Rooting Strawberry Runners In Water- 5 Steps

Rooting strawberry runners in water is a simple and effective way to propagate new plants. To do this, select healthy runners from your strawberry plants. Cut the runner from the mother plant, leaving about 6 inches of stem attached to the new plantlet.

Rooting strawberry runners in water is a simple and effective way to propagate new strawberry plants. Follow these 5 steps to root your strawberry runners successfully:

1. Cutting The Runner

Cutting The Runner

Select a healthy runner from the parent plant to root strawberry runners in water. Use clean and sharp scissors or pruners to cut the runner about 4-6 inches from the parent plant. Remove any leaves or flowers from the lower part of the runner, leaving only a few at the top.

Fill a glass or jar with clean water and place the cut end of the runner into the water. Position the glass or jar in a location with indirect sunlight and change the water every few days to keep it fresh and oxygenated.

Following these steps, you can encourage root growth in the runner and create a new strawberry plant that can be transplanted into your garden or strawberry bed for a bountiful harvest.

2. Preparing The Container And Water

Preparing The Container And Water

To prepare the container and water for rooting strawberry runners, select a small container that can hold water and accommodate the runner. Fill the container with clean, room temperature water, avoiding tap water that may hinder root growth due to chemical content.

Optionally, although unnecessary, you can add a rooting hormone to promote faster root development. Place the container in indirect sunlight or under grow lights, as direct sunlight can damage the delicate roots. Changing the water every few days is important to prevent stagnation and ensure an adequate oxygen supply for the developing roots.

3. Placing The Runner In Water

Rooting strawberry runners in water is a simple and effective way to propagate new plants. Once you have identified a healthy runner, carefully cut it from the parent plant, including a small section of the stem attached to the runner’s base. Submerge the base of the stem of the runner in a jar or glass filled with clean water.

Position the container in a bright area, but avoid direct sunlight, which can cause excessive heat and damage the roots. Over time, you will see roots forming at the runner’s base. Once these roots are well-developed, you can transplant the runner into the soil and continue caring for it like any other strawberry plant.

4. Caring For The Runner

Caring For The Runner

After placing the strawberry runner in water, keep the container sunny to ensure its growth. Regularly check the water level and replenish it to submerge the runner’s roots. Be cautious not to overwater, as this can cause root rot. Only add enough water to keep the roots moist.

Keep a close watch for any signs of disease or pest infestation, such as yellowing leaves or wilting, and promptly address any issues to prevent them from spreading. Once the runner has developed a healthy root system, it can be transplanted into the soil or a larger pot for further growth.

5. Transplanting The Rooted Runner

You can transplant the strawberry runner into the soil once it has roots in water. Choose a location in your garden or a container with well-drained soil for transplanting. Carefully dig a small hole and gently remove the rooted runner from the water, being cautious not to damage the delicate roots. Put the runner in the hole and spread the roots, covering them with soil.

After transplanting, water the runner thoroughly and continue to water it regularly to maintain the moisture in the soil as the new plant establishes itself in its new location. Remember, adequate spacing and proper drainage are essential for the success of the newly transplanted runner.

Choosing The Right Time To Root Strawberry Runners

Choosing The Right Time To Root Strawberry Runners

Regarding rooting strawberry runners in water, timing is key. The best time to propagate new strawberry plants through this method is during the spring or early summer when the plants are actively growing. Look for healthy runners about 6 inches long with a few leaves and small roots forming.

Once you’ve selected the right runner, fill a container with clean, room-temperature water and place the runner in it, submerging the stem’s bottom part. Find a spot with indirect sunlight for the container and change the water every few days to ensure freshness and oxygenation.

After a few weeks, you’ll see new roots emerging from the runner. Once these roots reach around 1 inch in length, it’s time to transplant the runner into the soil or a larger pot for continued growth and propagation.

Benefits Of Rooting Strawberry Runners In Water

Benefits Of Rooting Strawberry Runners In Water

Rooting strawberry runners in water offers several benefits for gardeners. Firstly, it is a simple and cost-effective method to propagate new plants. By closely monitoring the root development in water, you can ensure the health of the new strawberry plants.

This method is particularly convenient for those who lack garden space or soil, making it accessible to a wider range of gardeners. Moreover, rooting in water promotes vigorous root growth, resulting in stronger and healthier strawberry plants.

Once the roots have developed, they can be easily transplanted directly into soil or containers, saving time and effort. This method eliminates the risk of transplant shock when moving plants from one growing medium to another.

With the ability to propagate new strawberry plants without relying on the mother plant, gardeners can increase their plants, leading to more bountiful harvests. Additionally, this method allows for better spacing and organization in the garden bed or container. With proper care and attention, these rooted strawberry runners can grow into thriving fruit-bearing plants, providing you with an abundance of delicious strawberries for years to come.


Rooting strawberry runners in water is an easy and effective way to propagate new plants. Following the 5-step process outlined in this guide, you can easily grow your strawberry plants at home. Every step, from cutting the runner to replacing the rooted runner, is critical to success.

This method is not only cost-effective, but it also allows you to have complete control over the growing process. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, rooting strawberry runners in water is a fun and rewarding project. Follow our steps and enjoy the fruits of your labor in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can You Propagate Strawberry Plants In Water?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to propagate strawberry plants in water. Simply cut a healthy runner and submerge the bottom nodes in a glass of water. In a few weeks, roots will develop, and you can then transfer the runner to the soil.

2.Can Strawberry Runners Be Cut Off And Planted?

Ans: Yes, cutting off strawberry runners and planting them to propagate new plants is possible. Healthy runners with roots can be detached from the parent plant and planted in a pot or directly in the ground. Regular watering will help them develop into independent strawberry plants over time.

3.Can You Root Strawberry Runners?

Ans: Yes, strawberry runners can be rooted. To do so, select healthy runners with small plantlets at the end. Place the runner in water, ensuring that the plantlet is submerged. After a few weeks, roots will develop on the plantlet, indicating successful rooting.

4.How Long Does It Take For Strawberry Runners To Root?

Ans: Strawberry runners typically take 2-4 weeks to develop roots when rooting them in water. To expedite the process, maintain a water temperature of around 70°F (21°C), change the water every few days to prevent bacteria or mold growth, and transplant the runners once they have a healthy root system.

5.What Is The Ideal Time Of Year To Root Strawberry Runners In Water?

Ans: The ideal time of year to root strawberry runners in water is early spring or late summer. These seasons provide optimal growing conditions for the runners to establish roots. It’s important to avoid extreme temperatures or frosty conditions and to monitor the moisture levels and temperature of the water during the rooting process.

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