How To Sharpen Ripping Chain – A Guide For Beginners

As a professional in the forestry industry or an avid chainsaw user, you likely understand the importance of keeping your equipment sharpened and in top condition.

However, when it comes to sharpening a ripping chain, the process may seem daunting or confusing. Ripping chains are designed specifically for cutting through the wood’s grain, making them an essential tool for tasks such as milling lumber or creating unique pieces of furniture.

However, to keep your chainsaw running smoothly and safely, you must ensure your ripping chain is sharpened correctly. Here, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to sharpen your ripping chain, ensuring that you achieve the desired results every time.

We’ll discuss the various tools and techniques required, the importance of proper sharpening, and common mistakes to avoid when sharpening your ripping chain. Whether you’re a seasoned chainsaw user or a novice, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to sharpen your ripping chain with confidence.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have the tools and knowledge necessary to sharpen your ripping chain with precision and speed. So read on and start sharpening your chains like a pro.

How To Sharpen Ripping Chain

What is A Ripping Chain?

What A Ripping Chain

A ripping chain is a type of Chain saw used to cut wood. It consists of two linked gears that rotate around a central shaft. It has larger teeth than a standard saw chain, designed to cut more quickly and powerfully.

Ripping chains can be used for various tasks like removing tree roots, cutting through dense logs, or even cutting through concrete. When the Chain hits the wood, it creates a saw blade in the same direction as the Chain’s momentum. This results in smooth and even cuts, making it ideal for cutting softwoods and other delicate materials.

You must remove worn or damaged parts to sharpen your ripping Chain. You can do this by using a sharp knife or an abrasive pad. Wear gloves and eye protection when working with the Chain saw, as accidents can be very dangerous.

5 Easy Steps To Sharpen Ripping Chain

5 Easy Steps To Sharpen Ripping Chain

A sharp ripping chain will increase the speed and efficiency of your shredding process. It makes cutting through paper easier without exerting as much force, which leads to less wear and tear on your machine and increased productivity.

It is important to periodically sharpen the chain of a ripping chainsaw to maintain its effectiveness and prolong its lifespan. A chain dulled due to wear and tear can cause it to slip off the wood, resulting in kickback and possible injury. Additionally, a sharp chain will produce a cleaner cut, which can be beneficial when creating precise cuts.

There are a few things that you need to take into account when choosing a ripping chain: length, width, and type (for example, standard or staggered). Chain sharpening is easier than you might think. Here are 5 Easy Steps to Sharpen the Ripping Chain.

1. Get The Correct Sharpener For Your Chain

Get The Correct Sharpener For Your Chain.

Using the right sharpener to get the best results from your Chain would be best. A few different types of sharpeners are available on the market, and each one designs to sharpen a certain type of Chain.

Use a universal sharpener to help determine which sharpener is right for your Chain. This sharpener is suitable for wire and cable chains and sharpens them evenly. However, universal sharpeners need to be more accurate and yield better results.

If you want to be sure that your Chain is getting the best possible sharpening, then you should invest in a specific chain sharpener. These sharpeners design specifically for chains and will give consistent results every time. They’re also relatively easy to use and can store easily if you don’t need them.

2. Check The Cutting Depth Of Your Blade

Check The Cutting Depth Of Your Blade.

To sharpen your ripping Chain, it’s important to check the depth of the blade. If the depth of the blade is too shallow, it will not be able to cut through materials securely. If the depth of the blade is too deep, it will wear down quickly and need to replace more often. You can use a sharpener or a chainsaw to check the depth of your blade.

For a sharpener, put the Chain on it and adjust it so the blade is at its deepest point. Then, pull up the Chain to see how deep it has gone. For a chain saw, hold down one end of the Chain with one hand and use your other hand to guide the saw so that it cuts through whatever you’re trying to cut.

3. Sharpen Both Sides Of The Chain

Sharpen Both Sides Of The Chain

If your ripping Chain is starting to wear down, you must sharpen it on both sides. This will help reduce the noise it makes and maximize its lifespan. You can do this by using a sharpening stone or manual sharpener.

Make sure you use the correct grit for your Chain – too rough a surface will damage the Chain, while too fine a surface will not sharpen it effectively. Follow the instructions that come with your sharpener to get the best results. Once you have sharpened both sides of your Chain, use a file or chainsaw sharpener to smooth out any rough edges.

4. Lubricate Your Chainsaw Chain With Some Oil

Lubricate Your Chainsaw Chain With Some Oil

One of the most important things you can do to keep your chainsaw running smoothly is to lubricate it with oil. This will help reduce the friction and noise the Chain produces, making it easier to rip through the wood.

To lubricate your Chain, apply a small amount of oil to the Chain’s cutting edge (where the blade meets the bar). Make sure to apply enough oil so that it covers both surfaces. Before using your chainsaw again, please wait a few minutes for it to dry.

5. Check Your Chain For Sharpness

Check Your Chain For Sharpness.

It’s important to keep your Chain sharp, so it can cut through the materials you’re using to rip easily. You can do this by checking it for sharpness regularly. Remove dirt, debris, or oil to check your Chain’s sharpness. Next, place the Chain across the top of a bench vice and secure it with its jaws.

Place a sheet of paper below the Chain and press down on the paper with a heavy object until the paper tears. Compare the tear in the paper to see how sharper the Chain is than when it was new. If it’s not as sharp as you need, you must sharpen your Chain.

How Does A Ripping Chain Work?

How Does A Ripping Chain Work

A ripping chain is a saw used to cut timber by cutting the logs in half. Ripping chains often compare to circular saws because they use to cut timber. But there are some key differences between them. Ripping chains are much faster than circular saws, so they’re popular in construction.

They also have a wider blades to cut through tougher wood more easily. To use a ripping chain, you first need to mount it onto your saw frame. You need to adjust the tension on the Chain so it’s perfectly balanced and ready to go. Once you’ve adjusted the tension, you can start cutting your logs.

What To Use For Chain Sharpening?

What To Use For Chain Sharpening

There are a few different ways to sharpen your ripping Chain. You can use a sharpening stone, an electric sharpener, or a whetstone. To use a sharpening stone, you need to get the Chain and place it on the stone.

You then need to move the Chain back and forth across the stone until it’s sharpened to your desired blade sharpness. To use an electric sharpener, you first need to connect the device to an electrical outlet and insert the Chain into the clamp.

Then, you press down on one end of the Chain while turning the other around with your hand until it’s sharpened to your desired level of blade sharpness. To use a whetstone, you hold it in your hand and sharpen the blade by stroking it against the whetstone at a moderate pace.

What do You need To Know About Chain Sharpening?

What You Need To Know About Chain Sharpening

Chain sharpening is an essential part of keeping your chainsaw running smoothly. If the Chain is not properly sharpened, it can cause problems ranging from difficult sawing to broken blades. There are a few different ways to sharpen a chain, but grinding is the most common procedure.

Grinding uses a special grinder called a sharpener to remove metal chips from the Chain’s cutting edge. This will make the Chain much more efficient and prevent it from breaking. Many professionals can do it for you if you’re unfamiliar with sharpening your chainsaw. However, if you’re looking to do it yourself, there are a few things that you need to do so effectively:

  •  A grinder capable of grinding chainsaw chains (usually around $30-$50)
  •  A set of safety glasses and gloves
  •  An oil or lubricant (such as WD-40)
  •  A bucket or container for holding the chainsaw chain while it’s ground.


Chain sharpeners are a great way to keep your chainsaw running smoothly and efficiently. They remove harmful metal particles from the Chain and sharpener, which helps preserve the Chain’s cutting ability. A ripping Chain is a chain saw specifically designed for cutting wood.

Its features make it better than other chainsaws for this purpose, such as its sharp teeth and long blade. The main benefit of using a ripping chain is that it makes cutting through thick pieces of wood much easier.

The sharp teeth on the blade easily slice through the wood, making the job significantly less labour-intensive than using a standard chain saw. Chain sharpening is an essential process that helps keep your chains moving smoothly and efficiently.

You can sharpen your chains to their optimal performance by following these sharpen-ripping Chain easy steps. Read the guide thoroughly and equip yourself with the necessary tools before starting. As a beginner, you will find this guide on how to sharpen a ripping chain, helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can You Sharpen A Ripping Chain?

Ans: Yes, you can sharpen a ripping chain. This type of Chain has sharp teeth that need to adjust for a smooth cut. You will need a round file, file guide, and depth gauge to sharpen the Chain. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when sharpening the Chain to ensure it is done correctly.

2.What Degree Is A Ripping Chain?

Ans: A ripping chain is a chainsaw chain with a greater degree of 90°, larger than other chains. This makes them more efficient for cutting through the wood in one pass. It would help if you also sharpened a ripping chain with a round file that is the same diameter as the Chain’s drive links.

3.What Angle Do You Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain For Ripping?

Ans: It would help if you sharpened the chainsaw chain for ripping at a 20° angle. This will ensure that the Chain cuts straight through the wood, minimizing sawing errors and resulting in a smooth cut.

4.How Do You Sharpen A Granberg Ripping Chain?

Ans: You must file down one of the saw teeth on each link to around 5/64 inches (1.6 mm). You can do this with a round file or angle grinder fitted with a cutting disk. Finally, lubricate each link with oil or WD-40 before grinding sharp edges.

5.What Are The Best Ways To Sharpen My Ripping Chain?

Ans: Here are the steps to sharpening your Chain:

  1. Clean the teeth of the Chain with a sharpener and steel wool.
  2. Ensure the Chain is the same size as the round file you will use.
  3. Sharpen the top and side plates of the Chain in alternating strokes using a round file that is the same size as the depth gauge of your Chain.
  4. Check and adjust the depth gauge after sharpening the Chain.

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